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  1. In the boring CAP mission I intercepted the singleton, escorted him to about 80 miles from airfield instructed to escort to, and the F-14 escort for the hawkeye shot him down with a phoenix.
  2. What you have so far is awesome!
  3. Glad to see this wasn’t a millennial insult to a boomer thread!
  4. Any chance of an F-14A with SC for this? Pretty please with sugar
  5. DCS needs a Phantom module. All variants.
  6. Did anyone else notice at 4:36 in the most recent DCS video showing the new clouds and A-6.............. the names on the Intruder? Thanks HB
  7. Ammunition does not need an “s” at the end. Also, more than one aircraft is also called.......aircraft. Not aircrafts.
  8. Requesting the B/N call sign to be Cole.
  9. I think they have been added with todays OB update
  10. Use the trim switches to manually set.
  11. Not sure Ive had this too. Random failures checked off in settings.
  12. I’m sure the wire sticking out in front of the instrument panel picture is normal. As for the rest....
  13. Is the Forrest all still on track for release in two weeks?
  14. If anyone can do the Phantom the way it should be done. It’s heat blur.
  15. Sorry if my tone upset anyone. It was unintended. Great campaign Reflected. And thanks for addressing this as I just was up to mission 4!
  16. That is lame. And if so it should be removed. Why do you need WW2 assets for something that is in the 80s?
  17. So far the-14A hasn't blown engines at high altitude mach runs.
  18. Nice. Hope someone does them justice.
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