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  1. Nice. Hope someone does them justice.
  2. Any new curves for the warthog since last update when the -14 A was added? Mine from before are just not right
  3. Any mention of the F-14D? or glove vanes?
  4. I ignore taking out the SAM in that mission. Every time I did I got wasted. It’s an easy mission just stay over the first convoy and destroy them and their little camp. By the time the second convoy reaches the crash sight, the rescue helicopters are headed home
  5. Not in todays society. I agree with your point, but oh nevermind.
  6. Surprisingly the term China hat has not been deemed racist......yet.
  7. I enjoy the campaign. So far through mission 5. I appreciate the long boring CAP flights punctuated by moments of action. The second mission was well done. Started off and ends at dusk, or evening if fiddle fucking around too much. great job heatblur
  8. I read that something changed in the mission editor regarding historical settings. Maybe this is why? I never use the ME so take that fwiw.
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