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  1. Hello. A little question: How's a base captured? I have flown a mission today were my ground forces arrived at an enemy base and occupied the runway, I supposed the base has been captured but when I finished the mission none base capture event was shown in UI events window. Besides, I had lost all the ground gained in the last three missions :doh: I didn't save the game ... of course :megalol: Did I do something wrong? It is a bug or is any special action to do to capture an enemy airport? It is something to do with the amount of vehicles at the airbase (3 blue vs 7 red), despite blue forc
  2. Understood! Thanks Edit: However I still think that DCS liberation generates too many enemy airplanes per mission....50 Iranian airplanes are too many Iranian airplanes...
  3. Hi Khopa. This is what happens tested in RC9: 1) Option "AI planes parking start" is ACTIVE 2) Dcs Liberation UI generates the mission "liberation_ nextturn" 3) I used to take a look in mission editor and this is what a see: Red Ai aircraft parked in their respective parkings Severl time spawns scripts linked to all these aircraft but... The option "Delayed activation" disabled in all of them. 4) So, I have tried two options: ONE: Activate manually the option "delayed activation" for each red aircraft but nothing happens. Red AI aircrafts never spawns. TWO: L
  4. Another issue detected: "Delayed Activation" is not clicked know for red aircrafts. So, ALL OF THEM spawn at the start of the mission...:cry::cry::cry:
  5. It 's only happend when an IA aircraft is trying to take off or taxi on the carrier deck. If it is empty, there is no problem.
  6. In general, it seems that operations on supercarrier are still quite bugged. Well, it is an open beta, after all... What I've experimented, as well as, the non-response "request launch" some times after trapping, are: 1) Radio calls get bugged after two or three times exiting and reentry to the CCZ. This happens especially in multiplayer 2) Marshal do not uses the correct callsigns of different clients, also in a multiplayer session. Some times use only one o them ( obsessively) for all the clients, and other times says two callsigns in the same communication. One of them randomly, fo
  7. Same here. Multiple monitor configuration. Main screen in 4k :(
  8. Same here. Not running VR, and no log file, but it seems the same issue: Load bar at 10%, repairing seems to correct the isse but it appears again when I run Vaicom pro. :cry:
  9. Well, right...but we are not in a war...is similar than Flanders from Belgium, or Scotland and Wales, from UK or even Veneto, from Italy.
  10. Spain? What is going on in Spain? Wow, more than 30 years living here and is the first notice I have about a crisis.... We are in peace, man. :smilewink:. However, If ED decides to make a free map of Spain it will be welcome with open arms XD
  11. I'm so sorry guys but due to a familiar emergency I have to left the event. See you next time.
  12. Hi guys. I'm newie in this event and my partner and I are wondering if it is there any briefing session before the misión in discord? And if it is true, Does each kind of mission asigned there or each pilot chose what he want to do? We will hear later
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