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  1. Thanks for the reply' It works :) all maxed out, shadows just flat, and had a good framerate. I dont wanna chase very high fps, but i want a playable game :) I think too this is game optimization problem, because all of the new titles are running great. Thanks again! You helped a lot :) _I owe you a beer!
  2. I made changes in settings(shadows low, globalcockpit illuminaton off, in air now i have 80-120Fps, ground in dubai 40-50. But the one core from cpu cant render enough for an rtx 2080. But its only on persian gulf. Caucasus running fine.
  3. Than its simple dcs "feature". I think its shame in 2019, running a game on one core (its equal intel or amd) Thanks for your reply.
  4. in general 40-60%. Every cpu cores. not summary. This is in instant mission on caucasus. 98% usage from GPU https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=_ou5rE6oC5g&feature=share
  5. Already made it, shadows off, redolution 1920*1080 Gpu usage 15% fps 10....
  6. Cpu is running fine, not even one core is maxed out. I cant push higher the settings.. its already maxed out. When i start using combined arms, gpu load go for 98% and have 70-80fps. The pictures has an msi afterburner overlay with cpu usage and gpu load. Newest games running like charm in 4k ultra settings. I think is the poor optimalization from dcs..
  7. Give it a shot, maybe thats the reason.
  8. Its in high performance mode. Windows too :( I have really no idea :(
  9. Hi! I have a problem with GPU usage over land area. When is sitting on an airfield,dubai for example. Myí gpu usage is at 50% and my fps is low too. I have an RTX 2080 with Ryzen 2700X, 32Gb of ddr4 ram, DCS installed on 512Gb SSD. Drivers are up to date, windows 10 1809. Settings: https://i.imgur.com/8ODHJbL.jpg Sitting on ground : https://i.imgur.com/TsSZ6Qj.jpg over sea : https://i.imgur.com/kkj0dhf.jpg There is no bottleneck from cpu or gpu. I tried lower the settings and the results is worst... lower settings,much lower gpu usage. Tried shadows turning off..same resul
  10. Dont deployed ground units Thanks for your reply! I made the mistake. I placed more user slots. Example: i put 4 user slot but we flyed just 3. But we need all the user slots be in the air to push the trigger. Or i can edit the trigger, in mission editor, put in between the triggered units an “OR”. Then working. Thanks again for your work! Weapon loadut we made through rearm panel.
  11. Hi, I have a problem on persian gulf theater. When i starting a mission, the ground units from enemy and from blue side is not deployed. I started a forntline attack,waypoints are in hsi, but no units or enemy vehicles deployed. im on openbeta latest build. (can i update the loadout for the planes? because flir and mavD is still on the hornet9 Thanks
  12. Hi. First of all this script is awesome: But i have a little issue with it. The helo is spawning, patrolling so long he has fuel, then landing, make a complete shutdown and not respawning. I have 3 carriers in mission, each has unice name. script is runnung at mission start. anyone has an idea what do i wrong? carrier has waypoints, helo is on late activation withouit waypoints. Thanks
  13. Thanks, I have contacted on discord with the moose community. And the problem is solved. I recieved a lua for gci spawn. Thanks!
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