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  1. Hi all. I want to get a stiffer spring for my T-Flight rudder pedals Does anyone know what type and where i can get such a thing?:helpsmilie:
  2. ah thanks for the heads up. i do have Virtual Desktop which claims to have the same functionality but not tried it yet. looks like the kneeboard program may be the way to go so far
  3. Ive also found there is something called oculus dash, it seems to show the desktop in game. ill give that a go to
  4. Thats perfect thanks everyone! Just what i was looking for. Ill go testing these now
  5. Hi ya Anyone know of any way I can view pdf viewer/ web browser within VR? I'm new but want to view things like chucks guides whilst I'm in VR flying to help me learn. Grateful if you can help?
  6. I’m interested to see how MAC turns out. The extended dev time also makes me think a lot of effort is going into it which is nice. I’d imagine attracting more casual players would have to mean pushing the VR aspect considering DCS VR is so awesome. The irony is that in VR a clickable cockpitis preferred so you don’t have a large amount of key binds. Mind you with the new Jester F-14 UI being so good it would begreat if they implemented something similar in MAC. Maybe pushing the menu button just highlights different areas in the cockpit to turn your head to to active in a simplified menu f
  7. Ill put in a support ticket for this and let you know what the responce is.
  8. yes i try not to go full r£tard if at all possible lol
  9. Thank you Chain. Unfortunately I play in game mode with game avionics so thats a troublsome soultion for me alas
  10. After more searching i have found that i may have turned Game Avionics off. Ill check • Aircraft Game. Active when a mission is launched with Game Avionics mode on. • Aircraft Sim. Active when a mission is launched with Game Avionics mode off.
  11. Id seriously just take any new Flaming Cliffs planes. They are the reason I came to DCS. They provide the most fun for me. Id really like a Helicopter focused FC style package although they would probably have to call that "Flaming Wreckage 4"
  12. Odd occurence here ill try to explain. When i use my Oculus for VR, in cockpit views i get a few coloured symbols and icons floating infront of me that move left and right in opposition to my head movements. (ie i turn my head left and the floating icons move right). The symbols are not indicating anything usefull as if they are being projected wrongly I play on game mode/avionics and the icons/symbols look to mirror the small ones that also show on the easy radar on the top right of the screen. Do you have any ideas? I must have a setting input incorrectly? My specs are.... Oculus
  13. Hi. I just picked up the P-51D module and the controls are split into GAME and SIM. I entered my key binds to the GAME list and removed everything in the SIM list. I run my DCS install with both Game mode and Game Avionics set to ON so i was expecting the game to use the GAME list controls. Instead it tried to take them from the SIM list (which had nothing and so it just used few controls i'd setup in the GENERAL list). When flying I open the ESC menu and sellect Adjust Controls and it takes me straight to the SIM list. How can I get the game to use the GAME list settings rather
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