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  1. I can confirm that drops made below 20K work fine. I did a drop of -38s at 18.5 and got 10 out of 10 kills. So it worked. But I had no success with the JSOWs. I dropped 8 -154As at the same altitude and got 1 kill out of lots of well-clustered targets. Most of them flew into the ground (!) nowhere near what they were aimed at.
  2. I have not tried the -54s, only the -38s and JSOWs. But the -54s use a different guidance package than the non-laser guided JDAMs, which are similar to the JSOWs. I'm guessing non-laser JDAMs and JSOWs use the same guidance modelling in-game, so if one is messed up, so is the other.. If I get a chance I'll try the -54s later today and see how they behave. EDIT: I did use the -54s, but did not use the laser guidance feature, just the JDAM guidance. I've always heard the -54 acts just like any other JDAM if you do that. And it did. I got 1 out of 10 hits.
  3. And using the GBU-38s against high-threat targets was my favorite thing in DCS. Not any more.... First, what was NOT a problem. post-update: entering a designated WP to make the INS system happy. Adding that step was easy. I've been doing the F10 targeting and -38 dropping regularly with no problems at all. (Well, some small problems, but never worth mentioning.) I'm very familiar with the process. After the update, I have been doing everything in the drop sequence just the same as always, with the addition of the WP designation. The HUD displays the JDAM symbolo
  4. For those following along with this thread, (since I have been utterly unable to find an answer anywhere) the solution to my problem is the ERAS function. It's one of the tabs in the ODU, and with repeated clickings will remove the targets imported into the Recall page. A new set of 10 targets can then be imported and hit, just like the first 10 were. Works like a charm. Many, many thanks to the denizens of the Razbam Harrier Discord room, who Knew.
  5. I think you guys are both saying basically the same thing. I've tried deselecting the targets in the ODU, removing the target flags (with the T01, T02 etc., on the map), and reassigning them but neither has worked. But it is a complicated process, and it's entirely possible that I'm doing something wrong in the sequence. I think I need either step by step instructions from someone Who Knows, or a link that points me to exactly where I can find the steps. As far as I can tell, the instructions for removing one set of targets and replacing it with another do not exist in printed or video for
  6. I've been enjoying the Harrier, using it against SAMs, mostly. I go into the map and designate 10 targets (T01, T02, etc.) for the GBU-38 JDAM, import them into the airplane using Shift-K, and am having good success during the strike. The question I have is, how can I clear the target list from the Harrier after the strike, so I can designate a new batch of 10 targets and hit 'em again? I've tried several different things to get the first strike targets to clear so I can hit another set with a second strike, but the bombs seem to just hit the targets from the first strike, now empty craters
  7. Don't know about anyone else..... But I'm personally pining for DCS: Thud Ridge. We already have all the MiGs we'd ever need. And we have the A-4. Obviously we'd need the F-105. But the A-7 is in the pipeline, right? What about the F-8? And is the F-4 now in process a USAF or a USN type? Because while we'll get one, we'd need the other, too. We already have the KC-135. What else? Maybe an A-6 or for the later years an F-111. Heck, keep it easy and just make them AI, too. See? We're really only an airplane or two away from making it happen. Get on the case, guys.
  8. Is there an English-translated cockpit for the J-11? I've been looking and cannot find one. I was sure I saw one a while back, but I've been wrong before...
  9. From the A-10 section of the update notes " The Ejection Seat Handle will not move now if the safety pin is installed. Triple E (Eject) keyboard command is disabled by the corresponding Ejection Safety Pin now.
  10. So where's the pin, anyway? I saw in the update notes that you now need to pull the pin for the ejection seat during preflight in the A-10C so you can eject if necessary during the mission. But I have no idea where to find it. Help!
  11. It tells me where the TGP is pointed, directionally, in relation to the airplane. Distance down that sightline is inexact at best. Telling me where it's looking in relation to the airplane is not really helpful. Telling me where in relation to the potential target -- now that'd be helpful.
  12. Okay, I tried it and it's still next to useless. Whether you hit the target when you do the first designation is more or less random. If you do get lucky and end up close, great, refine the alignment, redesignate, and you're set. If not, start over. And I have no clue how you even get close when you have no idea where the damned thing is looking. Actually, that's not fair. You do have some idea, but it's vague at best. Either 1. There has to be a way to know through the HUD where the TPOD camera is pointing before you do the first designation, or, 2. The target diamond has to move
  13. OK, that I got. I think. I'll try it out shortly, to see if I really got it or need more larnin'.
  14. Ah, this sounds promising. Thanks. Using what mechanism exactly should I "lock the ground"? Remember I'm new to doing ATG using the TGP in the Hornet. If I'm following correctly, the "locked ground" will somehow show up in the TPOD screen. Then I can slew the marker onto the desired target? Is that right? Or, are you saying the slewing will all take place on the HUD? Then the HUD sends the target location to the TPOD screen? Either way would work, of course. And either is better than the current "It's over here someplace...?"
  15. And it's the next best thing to useless against stuff like tanks. Good for surface to air radar, but I'm not always hunting them. Anything else?
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