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  1. I was just curious if it was going to be included or not. Certain awesome MP servers do restrict weaponry and that would mean that the F-16 would only be able to carry Fox 2 to defend itself. That's fine, I can live with that. I take out the Mig-21 and F5 on a regular basis in these servers to have fun :)
  2. Yeah, I know. It's supposed to be a proper and realistic model of the plane. However, F-16C was AIM-7/AIM-120 capable since Block 25, according to Wiki (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Dynamics_F-16_Fighting_Falcon#Variants). Hence my question.
  3. Wow, I hope the aircraft wasn't hurt ;) But seriously, I've never seen that before, that's awesome :)
  4. Hi All, I noticed that in the proposed systems at launch and phase two afterwards, only the AIM-120B/C is mentioned as Fox 3. However, there's a bunch of MP servers that do not permit AIM-120B/C and R-27ER/ET or R-77. Where does that leave the F-16C in MP? IIRC, it is capable of using AIM-7. Anyone got an idea? Kind regards,
  5. I'm well aware of the challenges, I was merely pointing out that eventually they will have to move to a multi threaded application. Both AMD and Intel are expanding their core/thread count and even though clock cycles and IPC (instructions per clock) are still rising, the direction in which software developers should be moving is clear. I don't doubt that there will be some progress made on the multi threading abstraction layer, so that would make it easier for companies to use that, rather than writing raw code themselves.
  6. I'm not debating that in some of the cases, the fault is at the user side. However, there is no doubt that ED can and should optimize their code to make better use of modern systems. I'm not saying that it's easy, coding for the race conditions will be absolute hell for sure, but eventually they will have to. Think of it this way, if you're only using two cores (One for the game, one for Audio) now, how much potential is there within modern computers to run your game better, considering that most modern computers have at least four cores and likely more?
  7. Well, that's one way of putting it. Another would be to use optimized code. Overloading a single core for performance is really not the approach that is most viable, that just gives you 1/n amount of performance out of your CPU.
  8. Right, so I said I'd report back once done. I've upgraded my rig as following: FX-8320 --> Ryzen 5 2600X Asus AM3 motherboard --> Asus Prime X470 Pro (Liked the ASUS more than the MSI offering) 16GB DDR3-1600 --> 32GB DDR4-3200 The rest of my rig is the same, so still Windows 10, DCS on SSD, GeForce 1060 6GB. The difference is larger than night and day. I've even increased my settings and I'm getting solid 60 fps in DCS MP on "high" settings with shadows turned off. The only stuttering that occasionally happens is server side and very brief as my system recovers almost inst
  9. I've decided to upgrade my rig. I've ordered new CPU/RAM/Mobo. Ryzen 2600X, G.Skill Ripjaw 32 GB DDR4-3200 and MSI X470 Pro. I'll report back once I have the gear, rebuilt my rig, reinstall windows, re-download all of DCS and then see what happens.
  10. After update 7, I'm not sure if the situation improved. I still experience stuttering unfortunately in Multiplayer :(
  11. Well, I have monitored my system, I even installed Process Lasso to see what's going on. Neither Disk, CPU or GPU ever top out, but I do get intermittent "unresponsive" notifications on the system. So something is causing the system to briefly soft-freeze. This happens with and w/o overclocking. I get the same problem while playing Squad, but that's based on the Unreal engine and Unreal engine doesn't like AMD. Other games run fine.
  12. Hi all, I've had some issues with my FPS stability in the game since Open Beta 2.5 patch 4 or so. My performance went from a smooth stable 60 fps to 60 FPS most of the time and some drops in between. In SP it will drop to 20-30, stutter briefly and then recover, but in MP it drops to almost 0 with slightly longer stuttering. This occurs frequently enough for it to be highly annoying and also leads to a lot of unwanted crashes, failed dogfights and botched landings. My specs are: AMD FX-8320, 16 GB RAM, GeForce 1060 6GB, DCS installed on SSD, Windows 10. I use Opentrack with a Trackhat so
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