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  1. Youtube recommended to me this video. It is a good one and introduces plane and its cockpit nicely.
  2. ${1} Cockpit video of the Finnish F/A-18C Solo Display.
  3. Rest in peace. My condolences to the family and friends.
  4. On Steam it shows as "27.2.2019" but there's still no option to download the files. Edit: Now that has been changed back to "winter".
  5. Purre


    Aircrew Interview's latest interview (Keith "Okie" Nance) had some interesting comparison between A and B. ${1}
  6. I suppose Heatblur had to put there something even if they eventually release it earlier than that, but on Steam the date has been set as 15.2.2019.
  7. Here's a video from the cockpit of the Hornet that won the Sir Douglas Bader Trophy for best individual solo display:
  8. No idea what will or should be the next plane, but I hope that at some point we get Saab 29 Tunnan.
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