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  1. Thank you for your thoughts. I still seem to need to use the controllers on the Oculus to interact with MFD, UFC, and switches in the Hornet. So it tracking no problem for cockpit interactions? Wonder why HP couldn;t do as good a job as Oculus since both are using inside out tracking. Mine is 63 or 64 so pretty much the Rift S default. I saw your complaint below about G2 sweet spot. Do you have a narrow or wide IPD?
  2. I recently picked up my first VR headset, the Rift S, when it went on sale over the holidays. I have been satisfied with it, and it seems to work well on my system (9700K, 2080). However, I recently saw the articles that Facebook is abandoning the Rift S (at some point) so I am a bit worried that support will evaporate in the not so distance future. I can still return the Rift as its in the 30 day window. So my question is whether to keep the Rift S or dive in the and get the G2. I have seen good comments on the G2 with regards to visuals, but negative comments on software, tracking, and comfort. Plus I might need to upgrade my graphics card to get the most out of the G2. So I am looking for the opinion of fellow DC VR folks to help in my decision. Thanks all.
  3. The IFLOLS system which provides the visual glideslope indicator has limits on how much deck motion it can compensate for. If ED has simulated this, you very extreme conditions so the system was unable to keep up with the ship motion. In real life the LSO can manual take over the glideslope indicator to provide high, low or on glide slope indications.
  4. Post File Can someone post the corrected mission file. I tried to add the trigger. But I don't really know the mission editor that well, and I wasn't able to get it to work. Thanks.
  5. There are a bunch of light poles around the road where you are supposed to land. From this thread below it appears this is from the new 2.5.6 update. This thread also proposes a fix. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=266460&highlight=mission
  6. I am still having this issue. I have uploaded my log file (I had to zip it to fit). I have also PM'd you my DCS username. Thank you for passing this along, and hopefully it will be fixed soon. dcs.log.zip
  7. Mission 15 Max Not Shot Down I have tried to get past mission 15 a three times now, but I keep hitting a problem. After the flight approaches YPRES, the CAP breaks off to engage. The F-5s are destroyed, but the Gazelles are invulnerable, and the Gazelle never destroy both Mirages (first times they never fired, and the last time they killed one but not the other). From another thread, it sounds as if the CAP flight is supposed to be destroyed, and then the player is tasked to takeout the Gazelles. Since, the CAP is not destroyed the mission does not progress with the next comms. The are still invulnerable when I try to kill them. I have both a Track file and tacview file I can provide but it looks like they are too large to attach. I am also playing on the open beta version of DCS. PS Another issue I noted is that ATIS was on both channel 1 on red and green as well as channel 2 on green. I presume this is an issue from the Mirage radio updates we got recently. Thank you for the awesome campaign. I has been fun, but also a challenge due to the AI (and my lack of skill :).
  8. The carrier does not have NVG compatible lighting. All you would see through NGVs is a large bright blob from all the deck lighting. You won't see the line up lights or the meatball. The marines do fly with NVGs to the deck for the LHD/LHA helicopter carriers and those ships have special lights that will not wash out the NVG's.
  9. I have attempted mission 3 several times and twice I have experienced a crash to desktop. Once while initially engaging the F-4's and the other time just after all the enemy AI had been shot down. I don't have a track file or anything. What can I provide to help? I am using the Beta version of DCS, but I haven't seen any posts about the M-2000c causing CTD (just the Tomcat). I really enjoyed the training campaign and this one looks awesome.
  10. Yep I agree totally. Personally I would have taken a function pit w/o Jester in December just to work on proficiency (which I still need work on), but I think Heatblur was right to hold off to avoid all the bad press on the forums from complaints about the capability gaps. Can't wait to see the improved capabilities as they are rolled out. Great job Heatblur. I'm ready to put my pre-order in for whatever you do next :). PS Heatblur please, please, please consider an F-14D at somepoint. Or at least the HUD and DFCS on a B.
  11. Automatic mode is pretty easy, but won't be incredibly accurate. The releic campaign typically sets the victory conditions with a handicap so you won't need put the bomb in the pickle barrel. It's a great campaign and have fun. Only I had to go the invulnerable to shoot down the dumb mi-28's. Those gunners were super human (and I was subhuman). I haven't worked too much with the other modes, so you might be able to be more accurate with them, but you have to start at certain altitudes, speeds, and dive angles to accurately hit the target. L.A.B.S is really only for nukes (which aren't in DCS) so it's an area accuracy not anything you would actually use with normal bombs. But it's fun for kicks.
  12. Has there been any mention of making the meatball dynamically larger if you are far out and smaller as you get close? I know for a fact this is how actual Navy simulators handle the issue of meatball cueing and the limitations of screen resolution even in a full sized walk in simulator. It would be good to allow the user to "tune" it to their preference so that VR, monitor size, resolution issues would just fall to the user to set.
  13. I haven't flown with a pilot body, but does it hamper your ability to see the buttons? I do like the pilot head in mirrors. Makes me eat the frame rate 'cause I think it looks so cool.
  14. My thoughts. - I am impressed by the sound. The stitching sounds rather good conspiring phrases on built on the fly. Does not sounds like Arma at all. - He is too slow in data entry. I think a real RIO could punch things in and flip switches a lot faster. I think he should be rather fast at 1 g and get slower and sloppier as g's build up. I would be interested in what a real life RIO has to say about the swithology at g's. - I don't understand why they don't have a simple Jester Pulse search or PD search pattern built it so he can sweep a large area of sky in front of you to give you a description of what's in front of you. Of course it won't be on the TID unless it's TWS or RWS (right?). I think it's a good start. It's good enough to start learning the Cat and does force you to hop in the back (for single player) to learn some RIO stuff too. I hope HB is up to the task making Jester Smarter with the radar. Sounds hard, and I am glad that it's not my job :).
  15. Yes they are the spoilers. I haven't paid attention to whether the indicator shows spoilers deployed when DLC is active (so slightly deployed) or just when you start to command DLC. I always just set them on on downwind and glance back. Of course then I mess up the approach, get low, go to burner to recover, go high, correct with DLC, no DLC because of burner, look back to see if active, hit the button to active, look back to check that they are active, notice I am heading for the fantail, Jester says bye, I ruin the paint on the Stennis. But that's just my technique for landing the Turkey on the boat. So something else might work for you :).
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