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  1. So first time playing this mission, we engaged the F4's successfully and then on the flight back Weed got jumped by an SU-33, which I engaged and shot down. I then had to refuel and join up with Blade. For some reason Blade was sat at about angels 30 and Mach 0.1 and then before I got there he randomly ejected and so I wasn't able to progress with the mission. I assume the above (excluding Blade ejecting of course) is exactly how the mission was intended? Since then, it has not gone down like that, sometimes the SU-33 shows up while we're fighting the F4's and it kills me, I've also killed it before it shot down Weed which clearly broke how things were intended to go. I've been experimenting a bit with extending as far as I can before engaging the F4's so the SU-33 isn't as close, which seemed to work on my last attempt but it jumped me instead of Weed on the way to the tankers, Weed didn't even finish his "Break right, chaff, flares" call before I exploded. And even if I did avoid it I would have had no choice but to kill it which then wouldn't trigger the whole downed pilot part of the mission as me and Weed weren't joined up so it only had one target (me). I'm not sure whether to consider it bugged or whether it's just a finnicky set of triggers, or whether there is something I can do to make it work as intended. Seems like it only worked exactly as it was meant to on my very first attempt.
  2. As per the title on Mission 13 there is a lot of very thick cloud cover at 8000ft or so, which makes it difficult to correlate your designated HARM targets with the TGP unless you come really low under the clouds approaching the SAM's. I get the impression some DCS cloud changes have drastically changed what was intended when the mission was created. On Redkites video for this mission there was almost no clouds at all. It can be worked round, just not sure that was the intention
  3. Just finished this mission and it worked fine, no one crashed or didn't take off. One minor thing, there were messages appearing in the top right such as "flak on" "West sam online" etc which I assume are debug messages for you Baltic when you test the missions? Guessing they shouldn't be turned on in the actual campaign? Didn't want to bother making a seperate topic for a minor bug though
  4. I'm not 100% sure either, all I know is I was continuing to WP3 (the original target WP) as ordered and I was within range before I got the message to redirect, but I assume you're already doing that
  5. I had a go today and it worked exactly as it should have I was having this problem prior to the patch, you sure your game was up to date?
  6. I had another go just now to see if I could get anything to work, last time my wingman hadn't even caught up to formation before engaging the bandits so I thought that might have been an issue (the flights all push before I can get to WP2 which is odd cos on the first play through we did a couple of orbits before pushing, and I think the first attempt was the one where I was slowest to take off if anything) but I went slow enough turning on the bandits he was rejoined with me before engaging this time and still I got no further tasking. If there's anything I can do to help reproduce or trackfiles/tacview files that will help let me know.
  7. I have just experienced this too, this isn't my first time attempting the mission either as first time I couldn't refuel at the tanker due to the DCS bug. I was on open beta branch for this attempt, I tried the mission on stable after experiencing the refuelling bug and on stable I get that other bug where the AI doesn't come above 1000ft and zig zags all over the place. Gotta love DCS sometimes
  8. Great thanks, hopefully they don't take too long over it, mission 11 felt a little tight on fuel even without me staying to provide CAP at the end
  9. Just had the same thing at the end of mission 11 as well, not sure why
  10. I haven't put this in the bug section because it may have been something I did wrong rather than a bug. Towards the end of the mission over Venom I was getting very low on fuel and opted to hit the tanker on the way back even though I wasn't totally confident I would be able to take fuel before running out. When I got in formation with the tanker I used the "ready pre contact" radio option, but the tanker responded with something along the lines of "chicks in tow, one mile trail, 15000". I'm not 100% on this but I thought that meant it had other airplanes already trying to refuel and was asking me to wait in one mile trail? There were no other planes nearby at all though. I tried getting distance, getting right next to the basket and abort refuel and requested rejoin again and every time got the same reply. In the end with about 1000lb of fuel remaining I had to head to the carrier and hope for the best, skipping the pattern to get on deck in time. So did I do something wrong here, or could the tanker be bugged?
  11. Did this fix get pushed to the current version of the game yet? I didn't have any trouble with my wingmen, but the carrier TACAN was off by 20 odd miles for me too. I also got no grade for improper communications on the landing, but perhaps I was supposed to switch frequencies again after switching Marshall? May have been my error that one
  12. Thanks for that, great to see the campaign being supported. Just a shame DCS updates have a habit of breaking so much stuff that was previosly working
  13. In mission 2 I noticed at the end of the mission I couldn't find the tanker again on TACAN after selecting the option to refuel before RTB. Upon checking Tacview it appears after my wingman and I refuelled at the start of the mission the tanker flew off and landed at Jask Airport while Smoke and I were doing our mock fight. Wasn't ideal to not have a tanker while attempting a Case III, after a bolter I managed to do a case I in the dark to land with 110lb of fuel remaining xD
  14. I can't get this to work properly, the controls on the throttle work fine but none of the joystick buttons are bound to anything. When I run the bat script it does say some hardware devices are not found, any idea how I might go about fixing it?
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