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  1. This all seems like some sound advice. Sounds like I'm going to wait until DCSW2! Thanks all!
  2. I'm looking to buy/build (if the price difference for building is worth enough to overcome the hassle) a rig specifically for DCS, nothing else, when I can afford it (hopefully towards the end of this year) What price range do I need to look at being prepared to spend? I don't need to run max settings 60fps on 3 monitors or anything crazy, but I'm looking for something relatively future-proof/upgradable, that can run medium settings with a smooth, enjoyable experience that doesn't detract from the enjoyment, but doesn't break the bank. I don't need a specific PC recommendation (though I'm open to them), just kinda need a ballpark savings goal. Hopefully I'll be flying the friendly skies again for the first time since FC2 days within the year. (Hoping to misappropriate some scholarship funds) :smartass: If all goes well and I make it through the struggle of waiting, I may even buy my girlfriend a rig. A man needs a wingman after all :D
  3. Somewhere in the world Glowing aamram is preparing to show you all up. Hell, He should be one of the judges.
  4. Trolled by wags. +1 to wags for epic win.
  5. :D The way they even work starting the engine in is the best part. I just love that Also, he is mostly comedy, including this, widely considered to be his best one: Check his channel out. He is pretty cool. Got some funny music videos too. P.S Been a while since i've been on these forums so I don't remember if embedding is allowed but if it isn't Let me know and I'll remove it. On second thought, I think it's ok since there is a youtube button in the posty thingy. (its late at night. Don't judge me);)
  6. I've seen this, and maybe I too picky but I want what I want lol. +1 e-cookie to whoever does it!
  7. Could someone upload the training missions to youtube? I don't have the luxury of owning A-10C yet because of my dinosaur of a computer and want to see them. :helpsmilie::helpsmilie::helpsmilie:
  8. Say what? I'll need a new mobo? Will I need a new power supply? Cooling fan?
  9. Could somebody upload the second one. Weve seen startup... Whats next? Don't you hold out on me!:D BTW! Those interactive training better cover everything there is to do in that aircraft, cause manual is like 700pgs, couldn't even sit down and read it for more than 10 mins lol.:helpsmilie: Dont even have the sim yet cause my pc Would probobly give me more of a slide show. ty.
  10. Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator HD Or at least thats the only thing i could find on the site. Perhaps I should upgrade my current os? I currently have a hp pavilion a6230n. nvidia geforce 6150se 3072 system memory 400 gb hdd amd athlon 64x2 dual core processor 5600+. Should I upgrade this? If so, what should i put in it. links and reasons appreciated. Wouldn't I need a new power supply? And a cooling fan? Should I upgrade to a 64bit os? maybe win 7? I have vista now. From what i understand, I need a cpu the most, correct? Right now on fc2 I get more of a slideshow than a simulation. If i have problems with fc2, imagine dcs A-10c! Haven't even gotten to play fc2 its so bad. All help apprecited. when it comes to upgrading im techtarded.:D Also my budget is less than 400$ and even that is pretty high.
  11. Lemme just summarize this real quick for us... :worthy::worthy::worthy::worthy:
  12. Well is it? It's a little on the expensive side for my budget tho... I'll find a way if its good. BTW UBER 1tb HDD :) Processor Intel® Core™ i3 Processor Speed 3.2GHz <LI class=banded>Cache Memory 4MB System Memory (RAM) 8GB <LI class=banded>System Memory (RAM) Expandable To 16GB Type of Memory (RAM) DDR3 <LI class=banded>Hard Drive Type SATA Hard Drive Size 1TB win 7 64 bit. TY in advance
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