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  1. Yeah, it seems as if there is a wind threshold speed above which the ILS signal is turned on and below is not working, although it should work because ILS has nothing to do with the wind situation at the aifield.
  2. In the A-10C. Sorry, forgot to mention that.
  3. No, I ofc don't suggest that. Let me clarify what I meant. Situation: Approach Al Minhad Wind from 85° at 4 m/s Night time Visibility low ATC assigns rwy 09 to me for landing The Problem: The ILS signal is still not turned on or I'm not able to receive it. But I don't get what I could do wrong. I did alot of ILS approaches already. Right now, I fail to see the error on my side. Did this clarify things?
  4. Sorry to unearth an old'ish thread. I have noticed the same problem regarding the ILS for Rwy 9 at Al Minhad. In my case though, ATC pointed me towards the rwy 9 because I'd set up easterly wind. I'm not sure if it was above the required windspeed threshold, however, I don't buy this work-around because even with less wind, if ATC assigns a rwy to you and weather conditions makes it necessary to fly an ILS approach, the ILS signal needs to be turned on. Is this some kind of coding problem? Is this something I can hope is getting looked into since PG is a final released product?
  5. I don't have the folder in the first place. But I will try if the issue still arises because I've used the workaround since it has been discovered.
  6. I have set my page file size manually up and still got the problem. I don't think that has something to do with hardware load or anything in that direction.
  7. I tried it with the autoexec.cfg file but it didn't change anything. When I understood it correctly, this files helps more for situations in which you frequently get disconnects while already in the game. At least this is what I read from other threads about disconnect time out errors.
  8. I could replicate it. What works for me as temporary workaround is to join a server running PG, without player, but with the F-14 in it. Once I'm in, I can leave the server and join servers regardless of map, players and wether or not the F-14 is in. It is super weird. I tried to do it a bit more systematic this noon and will maybe post a little table with the results tomorrow. Now it's bed time. Hope this get fixed. I don't want to be punished only because I didn't by the Tomcat ;)
  9. The problem is still not fixed :( For the sake of it, I've attached logs for a successful server connect and a failed one approx. 8 minutes apart for comparisons. Please not that it's not the same server I connect to. Maybe a dev is reading this or someone who has some more knowledge about interpreting the log files and deriving from them what may be the core of the problem: LogsCONNECT2SERVER.zip LogsNOCONNECT2SERVER.zip
  10. Here is what I was able to reproduce so far: I was able to connect and hop into an aircraft on some empty servers running the Caucasus map. These had F-14s on it. Among those servers are some I definitely could NOT connect yesterday. I then tried to connect to servers with people in it and this does NOT work. Regardless of map, mission size and F-14s or not. In one attempt to connect I got a new pop-up saying "Connection timed out. Server update time out". I am not sure if this actually is related to our problem or it's just a coincidence. One time I actually was send back to the s
  11. At least it helps a little bit to know that I'm not the only one having that problem especially looking at the servers being so full as I've never seen them before :/
  12. Yes, this is another "connection timed out" post. Situation: After today's update to the open beta and the release of the Tomcat, I have the problem that I can not join any multiplayer server anymore. The hours before the update I had literally no problems whatsoever. When I try to join a server, the game loads right until the "please wait" after the world preload. After 1-2 minutes I get the pop-up "connection timed out". When I click on OK or the X nothing happens. The game is just stuck there.I can not get back to the main menu or do anything else for that matter The game does NO
  13. This looks way better than what I came up with. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Thank you very much Mustang! I will have a look at it and test it ingame. After trying and testing some more, I also have come up with something. If anybody wants to try it, klick the link (DropBox). The smoke is now more column shaped, a little more asythmetric while still being quite dense at a burn time of about 40-45 mins. After two hours of multiplayer testing, no crash to report.
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