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  1. I am thinking about buying a VPC MongoosT-50CM2 base and a VPC V.F.X. grip with my U.S. stimulus money. The description of the V.F.X grip makes the statement: "Digital Paddle Lever Axis". Does that mean the Paddle Lever is an joystick axis? I want to use the grip for MIG-15, YAK-52, and the Spitfire. The paddle lever would be for the air brakes on these planes. I don't want the grip if the paddle lever is really just a button.
  2. Fixing the cockpit shadows (setting: High) on the Sabre and the MIG-15 has higher priority with me. Adding new damage models for both would be nice too.
  3. The F-86 Sabre and MIG-15. You get transonic jet performance with guns only dogfighting. Best period base matchup. Checkout the Korea 1952! server.
  4. I recently bought a Simshaker Jetpad and have been using the SimShaker for Aviators with DCS. It is a wonderful product. I am having problems with the software not recognizing the new P-47-30(early) and the P-47-40. Below is the error message I am getting:
  5. The QF 3.7 AAA is a British gun. Currently (DCS Open Beta 2020-11-04) the gun is manned by American Soldiers. British Soldiers should man the gun.
  6. I would like some WWII destroyers. I wouldn't mind a US Fletcher class but they were mostly used in the Pacific. Maybe a late update Benson-Gleaves class. A Yugumo class would work for Japan.
  7. Answered my own question. The default livery is from the 351 Fighter Squadron 353 Fighter Group 8th Air Force. The squadron side letters were YJ. Found the information on the American Air Museum in Britain site. The pilot in the picture is Capt. Lloyd G. Hally who flew with the 351st Fighter Squadron. Hally flew P-47D "Angel of Mercy" and disappeared on a mission after encountering engine trouble. First declared MIA, Hally was later classified KIA. He joined the squadron on June 7, 1944 and served until his disappearance on Sept. 21, 1944. He hailed from Huxley, IA.
  8. What squadron does the default livery belong too? I like to use Google to find the squadron side letters that go with the livery.
  9. There is a lighting issue with the P-51. Under certain conditions, sunlight shines on the floor of the P-51. See picture below. Attached is a track file showing the issue. Also attached is the mission file from which the track was generated. This bug may be related. Lighting issue2.trk LFG Normandy.miz
  10. The oil pressure gauge is bugged. It is increasing pressure instead of decreasing slowly. The devs need to make a sign change in the code. The P-51 has the correct behavior. I think the switch to green pressure was a quick workaround. Figured out the problem after switching to the P-51 after trying out the P-47. The P-47 is too early in the EA for my taste.
  11. Why not the Curtiss SB2C Helldiver. The "Beast" was not a well liked plane, but not every plane in DCS can be a winner. The quirks should be fun when landing on a pitching Essex carrier deck. :joystick:
  12. Confirmed. Locking the Primer Pump fixes the problem. Not a bug.
  13. I am having issues with the P-47 engine misfiring after startup and in flight. It seems to be acting like the sparkplugs are fouled up. Attach is a track file showing the problem. Engine Trouble.trk
  14. So how big is the Channel Map? Does it cover Market Garden? A screen shot would be nice.
  15. I think Heatblur should do the F-4E Phantom instead of ED. ED has put F-4E at the bottom of their module list. I think ED would be open to releasing the rights to the F-4. The technology developed for the F-14 could dovetail nicely into a killer F-4 module.
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