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  1. sorry after check in the game controller i found the courser not moving i changed to ather usb and it come back all it's fine thanks anyway for the help bye
  2. hi i'm trying to move it i did every thing. and i try to press also - i don't find such option realistic TDC slew thanks the f 16 work for me fine
  3. hi, i notice a problem every time i can't op the tdc. i did all the the steps with the(ma a/g courser dis)try every mission with bombing(i have all moudels etc.) and i can't move it. i have TM with f-18 grip. thankes.
  4. hi you need to connect another wire and the heaadphones to him if you have a problem try youtube
  5. oh sorry, I tghouth I will push theme forward :book:
  6. it's time to update the stable ver. after long time in OB it's time to update the stable
  7. hi just bought the entire dcs store. does it means I'm gonna upgrade my rig? or I just through my money?:crazy::drunk::hehe: WITH KIND IB
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    thank you :smilewink:
  9. igalbe


    thanks never thought I will post here anything ;)
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