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  1. Squadron: TAW Timezone: 14Zulu-18Zulu (weekends) Aircraft: All Eligible Planes as per competition rules. Maps: Caucasus, Persian Gulf Discord : https://discord.gg/6qKqGaPQ
  2. Dear Devs, @L0op8ack JF-17 new Special menu feature is not working. While having selected in Special Menu GUN limiter "OFF". In Flight SMS page also indicates GUN limiter "OFF" but the gun is still shooting 0.5 Salvos ! Please find attached track Thank You Best Regards, TAW_Savior JF-17 Gun limiter SP menu not working.trk
  3. Well, i'm afraid you miss understood what i stated in the first place. As you took your time to take part in this thread, i will just say this. I asked DEKA & ED for their opinion on this matter nothing more. I do not work with favouritism and i don't "attack" particular planes. All i'm providing in this thread is a fact and a not judgment Since you aren't part of the closed beta testing team you may not be aware of what i'm reporting for other modules, & i don't blame you for it. ED values regarding notching is about 40 knots closure rate below 5 nm a
  4. Dear Devs, @L0op8ack First off, i wanted to thank you for fixing everything i reported previously ! It works flawlessly. However in the current Closed Beta JF-17's Radar is performing much better than ANY radar in DCS. ED values regarding notching is about 40 knots closure rate below 5 nm and 80 knots above 5nm. Which is a decided constant as far as i know. JF-17's Radar values are about 12 knots closure rate below 5 nm and 25 knots above 5nm. Is this on purpose ? Find track attached. Thank you Best Regards TAW_Savior
  5. Dear Gents, @L0op8ack It seems like the JF-17 has no target Tracks limit. Meanwhile Hornet, Mirage2000, F-14B are limited in any radar Modes. attached tracks Best Regards, TAW_Savior JF17 can Store all target tracks in TWS, more than other planes part2.trk JF17 can Store all target tracks in TWS, more than other planes.trk
  6. Your statment Is not fully accurate, but also completely NOT in DCS
  7. Here is a track from a Helicopter flying at 1 Knot AND in a beam on top of that (which is unnecessary). In any other jet in DCS, no Pulse Doppler radar can't spot it in lookdown. Somehow JF-17 keeps the lock on memory with TRUE position of the target all the way in TWS. You can see the track was kept in "memory" way more than 8 secs, almost 4 min. This shows that in TWS the Radar beam has no notch filter. JF-17 no notch Filter.trk
  8. @L0op8ack Well i understand your point of view & I completely disagree. The current behaviour isn't really as you describe unfortunately. The Problem is the BEAM of JF-17 radar has literally no NOTCH filter. You can fly with a closure rate of 0 knot it will still see the targets. The prediction system works but the beam sees everything therefore your 8+ secs memory doesn't make any difference. ED Core feature regarding the Notch filter has 2 differents values. Targets are notching when the closure rate is below 80 knots (when above 5 NM). 40 knots Below 5 NM.
  9. Dear devs, @L0op8ack JF-17 radar's is not updating HOJ value unless you cycle radar ON/OFF/Standby In this track the target on my demand turns the jammer ON/OFF : -while having a lock in TWS & STT -before having a lock in TWS & STT Cycling the radar ON/OFF updates the HOJ STATUS of the target. ALL TEST CONDUCTED ABOVE BLEEDTHROUGH RANGE 29NM Track provided Thank you Best Regards, TAW_Savior JF-17 RADAR not updating HOJ value 1 or 0 of target.trk
  10. @uboats ANY jamming capable plane in DCS can achieve this ! the SD-10 is rendered useless atm
  11. @uboats no This inside 15 and all the shots even below 8 nm aren't tracking. Completely inside bleedthrough
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