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  1. No I have not made any changes, I just did a new install, got tired of the Easter egg hunt for a solution. But thanks for the suggestion.
  2. When I try to launch DCS 2.7 open beta I get this error. JSON error: lexical error: invalid char in json text (right here) ------^ Same error If I try to repair or try to update. autoupdate_templog.txt
  3. Well I do not think it is SimApp pro. Just started again and I have not launched the program. I guess I have some investigation ahead.
  4. Nice pictures, I never got to take a close look at the F18 when I was in the US Navy. I was in an F14 squadron 1980-84 VF143 on the IKE CVN69 or the love boat as we like to call it.
  5. Well it is Saturday and the F18 joystick handle is still not here and the tracking will not give me an estimated delivery date. It left Nashville yesterday morning and has not checked in since.
  6. When I have Simapp pro running and launch DCS, when I get to the main menu and click on anything the screen goes black for a second and then comes back. But I am still sitting in the main DCS menu. I have to CTRL/ALT/DEL and end DCS then close simapp pro and relaunch DCS. Anyone else having the issue?
  7. I just got my Orion setup in. I ordered it because nothing else was in stock. The WH is now selling for about $800 when you can find one. I must say I am happy with my purchase. The springs on the stick are a bit stiffer than I would like but the smoothness and added fidelity is very welcome. Coming from a Saitek X56 HOTAS and this thing is waaaay better and much more precise. And it only took a week to get here from China. I live in Alabama. The bases got here on Monday and the throttle handle arrived today. I had an F18 handle I borrowed from my buddy to set it up. My F18 joystick handle
  8. This is a table top unit. With mine on the table and my elbow even or slightly below the throttle base the handles are angled perfectly and do not cause any crazy bending of my arm. I can see where moving them to the left side and below your elbow they would be angled funny. But it does say it is a table/desktop configuration, so they shipped exactly what they advertised. It is a little concerning that the angle on the Super Taurus is the same though.
  9. I ordered the Orion on April 1st. Got the Joystick and throttle base on Monday April 5th. Got the Throttle F18 handles today 4/8 and the F18 joystick handle should be here tomorrow the 9th. Strange thing, everything was shipped the same day and time. They all got to Indiana the same day. But left Indiana at different times. FedEx must love to scatter shit out.
  10. I was in VF143 from 81-85 the glove vanes had already been disabled on all of our jets.
  11. For me, if I have any tweak from the stock graphics card settings I get a crash. I am running Ryzen 7 3800X Asrock Taichi X570 MotherBoard 32Gigs Ram and Asrock 5700XT graphics card. I thought it was related to the graphics settings in the game. But turns out it was from using software to tweak my graphics setting trying to squeeze out some extra FPS. Since I have run factory settings on my graphics card I have not had one crash.
  12. Do you have any pilots willing to help train new pilots?
  13. Unless you just want to spend the extra money. A 2070 Super is the best bang for you buck right now in video cards. You are paying hundreds of $$$ for just a few FPS gain. But if you have the money and want a 2080ti then buy it. The 3900 is also a bit of over kill unless you plan on doing any video editing. DCS really does not use the extra cores. Most games run best on a 4 core 8 thread CPU. I am using a Ryzen 5 1600 and a 2060 video card with 32gig of Ram and DCS runs great. But just my 2 cents worth.
  14. Hello all. I came back to sims after a long time away. I love this game, but not very good at it. I spent the 80's in the US Navy. 4 years in an F14 squadron. A photographer worked on the TARPS pod. I was excited to see a proper F14 introduced to a flight sim. Most were just arcade POS. Well I am looking forward to learning this sim. I went overboard during the sale and bought several planes. I plan on learning as many as possible and then picking one to master. See you in the not so friendly skies. Bill
  15. It has 4 and has never had more than 4. The 5th white circle that you think is an arresting wire is actually the barricade. It has an arresting wire but is only attached when the barricade is rigged. Man I hated being on the flight deck when we had to rig that thing.
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