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  1. I've tested the AGM-62 and TPOD designation over moving targets to drop laser bombs on an updated dedicated server build without scripts and they're working as expected. So, unfortunately it still has to be something related to scripts. It doesn't seem to be some kind of global bug.
  2. Confirmed. I've got also a CTD with CCRP over moving target, but you can release GBUs on stationary target or even as a dumb bomb and it'll work. Also the new AGM-62 is crashing. Mavs (both) and harms are working fine too. On the other side, unguided are working fine, including rockets. And also fire and forget weapons (jdam, jsow, harpoon). Only AGM-62 and moving CCRP are crashing for me now.
  3. Wow. That was fast! Awesome! Thanks. Just a note. The Tarawa has a different frequency compare the one announced on the briefing. On the mission editor it appears as 127.5 MHz but the briefing says it's listening on 142.5 MHz. Other than that everything works as expected. The tacan is working right on 10X. And, have u been able to reproduce the CTD with the Hornet? I've also tested it with the TPOD and GBU-12s on CCRP and it's also crashing. I can fire the laser but the moment I depress weapon launch I get a CTD. Also happens the same when trying to launch the new AGM-62. Definitively so
  4. Me neither. It's really weird. I've tested more planes like the Harrier and they're working fine. It seems to be something related to the F/A-18 only. BTW it'd be nice to have some Harrier slots back to cold and dark state like the rest. It's been a while since the INS align bug was fixed. And also the Tarawa to practice t/o and approaches. AFAIK the low FPS issue was also resolved.
  5. For me CCIP unguided bomb dropping with F/A-18 is not working on your server. My game crashes to desktop. I've tried with Mk-82 and 84. It's working right on other servers. Please could you check it out? Maybe some script is doing something wrong. Thank you! I didn't try CCRP with unguided but I guess it'd also crash. It's annoying to reboot the game and wait loading over and over. Just happens when depressing weapon release. Nothing appears on logs. It's weird because it's working with the A-10 for example. Tell me if you need more info. Thx again!
  6. Well... That's funny. So, for you it works from another PC on your LAN but not locally where the server is running if I understand correctly... Another thing to add to the list. LOL That's a non sense :-(. It has to be something related to the way they've developed the web interface and the way they query the socket. I'm using that Firefox version too. Needs further testing I guess...
  7. Are you using stable DCS build? Openbeta? Dedicated server build? Which OS, browser and version? It seems that regular DCS version is working for some people when not using '--norender' parameter. And also people using it from the beginning seems to work ok. Those who installed it on latests updates and for the first time on a given machine are the ones having troubles, including me. At least that is what it seems. For me it's not working either on local or remote. The server itself works and appears in the DCS web when logged into my profile. People can connect and everything, but web co
  8. Not necessarily. Some nodes do not respond to ping (that's normal) but in that trace your connection works. I thing it's something related to software (DCS) and for some people works and others don't. I bet they hadn't figure out yet what It is.
  9. It has to be regular/full DCS. AFAIK the dedicated server build cannot be run in render mode.
  10. I think that too. Happened to me on a PC that never had DCS installed. With the dedicated server build and Windows 10. No way to make it work with any browser. And also it isn't a port forwarding issue. Not working local or remote. Something is wrong with latests builds. Too many people complaining to be something related to port stuff. At least the server is working and people can connect. But web console is somehow broken for some people. It seems, for what I've read, that it's only affecting new installations as you say, and people that had it installed since or near the beginning aren't
  11. @HC_Official thank you so much! Checked and everything is working fine :smilewink:
  12. They're awesome. The idea is fantastic for helicopter missions. I usually play on the Caucasus server but I have to try the PG one. You mean the KC-130? The KC-135 is the one with the boom, as expected for refueling the A-10C. But it seems that the game uses some kind of "trigger box" for refueling "connection". It doesn't check for aircraft type. Obviously it isn't realistic, but yes, you can refuel any aircraft capable of refueling in any tanker, despite if it'd use the boom or the basket. The KC-135 MPRS has both methods, but only the basket works right now. Probably because so
  13. This is also something weird to me. 2D pop-up version of NS 430 is working ok, but at least on the Mi-8 the in-cockpit NS 430 3D unit model is not showing up on this server. Currently only the Mi-8 and L-39 has the unit modeled inside the cockpit afaik. I don't own the L-39 so I can't speak about that. But on the Mi-8 definitely it doesn't work on this server. I used it on other servers, so I know it can work. I don't know if this is intended or not. Probably @Johnny_Rico could say something about this. I think it has to be enabled in the mission for every unit, at least with the Mi-8. By def
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