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  1. A switch matrix with toggles probably isn't going to work well. Matrices are designed for momentary switches (think keypads or even keyboards on your computer), and even then it takes some work to tolerate multiple key presses; generally diodes to keep the current from reversing on you.
  2. Key statements here. If IronMike decided to make me CEO for a day I'd tell him not to waste time on the vanes. After 10 years in service very few were in use, and honestly how much time are you going to spend with wings swept staring back at those oh-so-lovely slabs? Given the quality of Heatblur's work I'd rather see the time it took to do this invested elsewhere, in the Viggen, the F-14, or a follow-on product. Just my opinion, meaningless as always.
  3. I have quite a few pictures of VF-21s aircraft flying at the end of the '85 Westpac, which was their first deployment with the F-14. A couple are of a high-ish speed flyby with swept wings; 200 had glove vanes, 205 did not. On the whole I would have to agree the 'not' is more pleasing to the eye. They also looked brand new, mostly because they nearly were. With my 205mm lens you'd think they were showroom fresh. <edit> Decided to add a picture. Apologies for the grain; real day on a real ocean with real film shooting a fast object. 200 is forward inboard, 205 is aft outboard. Also m
  4. Put the Canadian F-14 (F-14, eh?) in my Syria familiarization mission and had no issues at all. Must not have any of the offending mods...but that's because historically I've found they tend to jack things up sooner or later and I've severely limited the mods I use. I have to agree that if you want a modded system one of the disadvantages is reduced stability; the developers can't be held accountable for the programming skills, or the willingness to update, of every player/hacker/coder in DCS. ED has already said they're updating many of those 8E+7 lines of code, and that's not going to b
  5. Darn it! I've been flying at night quite a bit lately enjoying the view, and was all primed to have a self-righteous fit about cosmic phenomena being every so slightly different than reality, and you stole my thunder! So rude. :megalol: DCS is freaking awesome. No, it's way better than awesome, I have no clue what all the toxicity on these boards is about. Some people would complain if you hung them with a new rope*. *and yes, I know the protocol for preparing a rope for a hanging. Get over it.
  6. Did it flicker? Stars flicker, planets do not. :thumbup:
  7. You may very well be correct, enough so I'll stop suggesting otherwise without more data to support the idea (besides, I like greased landings. Thudding into the ground is really bad for your neck! :thumbup: ). Hopefully DCS never gets to a point where they model this stuff; far too many, more important projects. Sheep.
  8. This poor guy did his master's thesis on it: https://trace.tennessee.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1110&context=utk_gradthes` Mover once said in passing you don't want to feather an F-18 too lightly or you run the risk of failure. My knowledge is asymptotic to zero, so take all this for what it's worth.
  9. The other thing that doesn't happen IRL, and I really wish DCS could fix this, is my wife suddenly deciding something has to be done right now when I'm on short final, or in the middle of the groove, or trying to reverse a bandit, or... I tried doing an F-16 landing in the F-18 (thumb got tired holding the speed brake out). Went level 13 feet over the runway weighing just under 32,000. Finally touched down at 10.1 AOA doing 118 knots with a VV of -180, full back on the stick but the nose dropped like a rock and hit at 115 knots. Not convinced aero-braking is much of a thing in the hornet
  10. My dad always said his navigator couldn't find his (BUTT) with both hands. The only reason they made it from Oahu to Tarawa was the lead aircraft had a navigator who could navigate. For the long haul flights it was mid-Pacific windage, with a little radio direction at the far end if you were good enough to get there.
  11. Cows. With multiple hides. DCS is feature complete. Had one crash to modal dialog on something or other (shaders?) but I couldn't reproduce it and decided it was no factor. DCS has said they have more goodies in store for us this year, but...dang...in my world this has been a fantastic turn-around for all of them, in what can only be described as a challenging environment. Can't wait to see what they can do in a more normal world.
  12. Sounds like a Russian to me. Russians are are famous for many things, customer service is not among them. Yeah, yeah, I'm about to get flamed in Cyrillic, but you know I'm right! :thumbup: :smilewink: La-La. Watch me start playing in WWII arenas...freaking rocket ship on the deck; higher HP/Weight than even the vaunted Typhoon (no, not THAT one, the other one!). If he can make an La-7 that's even in the same football pitch as the I-16 it will be a winner in DCS.
  13. PG is Persian Gulf (map) Crossroads Baker is the most famous Wilson cloud in history. The underwater Bikini test. We, and this includes ED, already know the ship damage models are borked, but it's still surprising that the smaller warhead is more damaging to ships. Makes me wonder how that's modeled under the assembler. I played with ship damage a months ago working on Harpoon launches from the F-18 and IIRC the Soviet destroyers' performance varied significantly based on terminal behavior and cruise height of the Harpoons. I also seem to recall two destroyers were significantly harder
  14. Still working on the 'stop' part that comes right after 'land'. It's eluding me. I find people who decide to taxi across the landing area when I'm halfway down the groove (in an F-18C LOT 20) far more annoying. <edit> If I wanted the 8 after F-18 and the parend that followed to be an emoji I would have made it an emoji </edit>
  15. Did the single mav hit sink the ship? I've noticed in PG it can take multiple harpoons to sink one of the built-in commercial ships, but a single mav sends it down faster than Crossroads baker.
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