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  1. Given Heatblur's performance with the F-14, and their ability to deliver on that hype, they could model a piper cub and I'd buy it the same day. A-6 would be a no-brainer. I have no idea what plans they have in the works, but I'm betting there's at least a rough outline on a white board somewhere. Really looking forward to what they come up with next. Whether it's a home run or they stumble a bit they've earned an enormous amount of credit.
  2. The AI F-16 taxis with both taxi and landing lights on. Almost as much of a game stopper as the B1 afterburner effects not being aligned with the engines, eh?
  3. First module I successfully crashed was the Su25. First one I successfully landed was the TF51. Yeah, surprised me, too. It didn't happen twice. You can learn what you need to know without buying any modules. A stick, on the other hand...you can get one on ebay for next to nothing.
  4. Thought I'd with all those people who celebrate their holiday today a Merry Christmas! Hope all your wishes come true!
  5. Maybe...I'm still wrapping my head around menus. :Refresh() didn't do what I wanted and I ended up deleting and recreating a menu item that changed based on user input. Not as pretty as I like. At the end of the day the menu allows the pilot to set up an A2A engagement, and I wanted the pilot object (whoever that might be) to use as a reference for spawning the bandit. A Fox3 engagement will need to be farther out than a guns-only fight. There's a menu item to "Engage <plane type> <loadout> <skill level>" that changes as you select all of the above, but the st
  6. I'm having fun playing with moose lately, carving my initials with the sharpened end of a toothbrush and doing all those things... Now I want to change the local environment, but to do that I need to know who I am, or more specifically an object handle for whoever opened the communications menu and selected F10->MENU_MISSION_COMMAND:Whatever. I've found ways to step through every client, figure out if the client is controlled by a player, then checking the player name. Is there no function to identify the unit that triggered the menu command?
  7. Just want to wish the entire ED team a happy new year and a Merry Christmas! No, I'm not that nuts, Christmas is January 7th for some of the people who build this amazing software. They get the first ten days of the year off, and I hope they are able to spend them with friends and family and look back on a successful 2020, where they stepped up and impressed everyone with what they can do when the pressure is on. This has been a great year for them, and for us. Thank you, and here's to a 2021 with even more accomplishments and hopefully a little less background noise!
  8. They have a donation page? From what I've seen that mod is amazing; hate to fly off with all that work and not leave so much as a cup of coffee behind. That feels too much like larceny. I generally practice with the F/A-18, but that gets boring. Always nice to have other aircraft to crash into the deck, spewing shredded metal and shattered parts about like shrapnel. Heck, when I do the upwind flyby they all start running for cover... Didn't realize the deck crew AI was that advanced.
  9. Well. Ikarus takes about 160MB, the MFG config another 7MB or so. There's at least 5MB in _.* folders in the DCS folder, but still way over 250 GB. I'm missing a couple campaigns, and one or two Garmin mods, but otherwise I've got the whole hanger. The only thing in DCS are the things DCS put there and a couple edited files I have to re-edit every time DCS updates. I don't use any module managers, update managers, or other third party software apart from Voice Attack and SRS, but they live on the C:\ drive.
  10. A switch matrix with toggles probably isn't going to work well. Matrices are designed for momentary switches (think keypads or even keyboards on your computer), and even then it takes some work to tolerate multiple key presses; generally diodes to keep the current from reversing on you.
  11. Key statements here. If IronMike decided to make me CEO for a day I'd tell him not to waste time on the vanes. After 10 years in service very few were in use, and honestly how much time are you going to spend with wings swept staring back at those oh-so-lovely slabs? Given the quality of Heatblur's work I'd rather see the time it took to do this invested elsewhere, in the Viggen, the F-14, or a follow-on product. Just my opinion, meaningless as always.
  12. I have quite a few pictures of VF-21s aircraft flying at the end of the '85 Westpac, which was their first deployment with the F-14. A couple are of a high-ish speed flyby with swept wings; 200 had glove vanes, 205 did not. On the whole I would have to agree the 'not' is more pleasing to the eye. They also looked brand new, mostly because they nearly were. With my 205mm lens you'd think they were showroom fresh. <edit> Decided to add a picture. Apologies for the grain; real day on a real ocean with real film shooting a fast object. 200 is forward inboard, 205 is aft outboard. Also m
  13. Put the Canadian F-14 (F-14, eh?) in my Syria familiarization mission and had no issues at all. Must not have any of the offending mods...but that's because historically I've found they tend to jack things up sooner or later and I've severely limited the mods I use. I have to agree that if you want a modded system one of the disadvantages is reduced stability; the developers can't be held accountable for the programming skills, or the willingness to update, of every player/hacker/coder in DCS. ED has already said they're updating many of those 8E+7 lines of code, and that's not going to b
  14. Darn it! I've been flying at night quite a bit lately enjoying the view, and was all primed to have a self-righteous fit about cosmic phenomena being every so slightly different than reality, and you stole my thunder! So rude. :megalol: DCS is freaking awesome. No, it's way better than awesome, I have no clue what all the toxicity on these boards is about. Some people would complain if you hung them with a new rope*. *and yes, I know the protocol for preparing a rope for a hanging. Get over it.
  15. Did it flicker? Stars flicker, planets do not. :thumbup:
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