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  1. I spent three and a half years at sea, and I've seen water like this...maybe twice. First thing I noticed when I finally came out of the clouds, and was half-hoping it was part of the 'work in progress'.
  2. I don't see any chatter about this, which makes me wonder if this isn't a local problem, but two out of my three Cougar MFDs have stopped working. They show up in Thrustmaster's software, they light up, they appear everywhere but DCS. All modules, incidentally; those two devices simply don't show up in the controls any more. This is fairly recent, and the only change I made was adding a half keyboard to slaughter SOC auditors Zombies in CoD. If I unplug the extra KB and reboot I get the same behavior. I know modules like A-10 II really screw with MFD controllers, so
  3. When I caught up on campaigns I skipped this one because, to be perfectly honest, I don't really want to know what her ambush tastes like. Obviously voiced by a professional, because a mere amateur would never get a line like that out. I have to say I'm heartened by the comments above, however. Might make a nice change of pace. ...says the guy who owns every module, all but 10 campaigns, and has NEVER FLOWN A CAMPAIGN. Got to start somewhere...
  4. saved games is the big one. I don't think you need to de-activate the modules, but I've heard it's better to log out before you blow the old copy away.
  5. Have no fear, this is Microsoft. There will be headaches. The last time I had to do this with DCS it was pretty painless, apart from the download which was expected. They've really put some polish on their set up. As was already mentioned your ~\saved games\dcs folder is golden. Don't forget to back that up. Otherwise, unless you have fifteen or twenty USB control devices that the new OS is going to re-enumerate you should be good to go.
  6. The cool thing about DCS is airplanes are stocked like Linus kept extra pianos. No re-alignment needed...just pull a fresh F15 out of stores and here you go! Have fun with it! I've broken more F-18Cs than were ever made and never got so much as a whiny-gram from the DoD.
  7. TANSTAAFL. To whom do I write the check? Would you like that now, or later?
  8. Given Heatblur's performance with the F-14, and their ability to deliver on that hype, they could model a piper cub and I'd buy it the same day. A-6 would be a no-brainer. I have no idea what plans they have in the works, but I'm betting there's at least a rough outline on a white board somewhere. Really looking forward to what they come up with next. Whether it's a home run or they stumble a bit they've earned an enormous amount of credit.
  9. The AI F-16 taxis with both taxi and landing lights on. Almost as much of a game stopper as the B1 afterburner effects not being aligned with the engines, eh?
  10. First module I successfully crashed was the Su25. First one I successfully landed was the TF51. Yeah, surprised me, too. It didn't happen twice. You can learn what you need to know without buying any modules. A stick, on the other hand...you can get one on ebay for next to nothing.
  11. Thought I'd with all those people who celebrate their holiday today a Merry Christmas! Hope all your wishes come true!
  12. Maybe...I'm still wrapping my head around menus. :Refresh() didn't do what I wanted and I ended up deleting and recreating a menu item that changed based on user input. Not as pretty as I like. At the end of the day the menu allows the pilot to set up an A2A engagement, and I wanted the pilot object (whoever that might be) to use as a reference for spawning the bandit. A Fox3 engagement will need to be farther out than a guns-only fight. There's a menu item to "Engage <plane type> <loadout> <skill level>" that changes as you select all of the above, but the st
  13. I'm having fun playing with moose lately, carving my initials with the sharpened end of a toothbrush and doing all those things... Now I want to change the local environment, but to do that I need to know who I am, or more specifically an object handle for whoever opened the communications menu and selected F10->MENU_MISSION_COMMAND:Whatever. I've found ways to step through every client, figure out if the client is controlled by a player, then checking the player name. Is there no function to identify the unit that triggered the menu command?
  14. Just want to wish the entire ED team a happy new year and a Merry Christmas! No, I'm not that nuts, Christmas is January 7th for some of the people who build this amazing software. They get the first ten days of the year off, and I hope they are able to spend them with friends and family and look back on a successful 2020, where they stepped up and impressed everyone with what they can do when the pressure is on. This has been a great year for them, and for us. Thank you, and here's to a 2021 with even more accomplishments and hopefully a little less background noise!
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