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  1. Yeah F-5A or F-5C be great As Seen F-5E pretty much same aircraft with very few changes in the airframe and adding a radar and a slightly wider body for intakes for the newer engines aswell as new Lex adding trailing edage flaps newer weapons deployment. Other then that is the same aircraft.
  2. Why no? Do know never getting any modern airplanes that are classifed or don't want share there technolgiy to the Rissians as Russians are same too. So hit a Void.
  3. Is it possible to make a special addon for F-5E? Would be great have the F-5A that was in Vietnam & used in the MEP that gave F-5A's to 30 country's but that be a future thing. I know BST be working on the Mi-24 Hind have that one out aswell.
  4. Ciribob When will Redfore be getting the F-5E-3 there are plenty of Re enemy country skins now on the F-5E-3. :)
  5. UH-1H we have doesnt have the Over torque failure and Turbine breakage and over Torque turbine failure and a Dynmaic turbine wear when over stress the turbine cause failures in short or long run. Side note BST the UH-1H never had the Minis and the M256 rockets in Vietnam it was carried just XM rockets and the M60 door guns and it lacked power in the motor to carry the M256 and the Mini and Mini door guns becuase it was to heavy and UH-1H wouldn't been abe get off the ground let alone would caused the turbine to crash even got 10 to 20 feet off the ground.
  6. Very awsome work Starway!!! Minior question how to use this new vietnam pass through the ingerity check?
  7. Will this be standard not have worry aboyt checks on MP?
  8. Good video. Just dont know how make youtube apprear on DCS thread forum. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xf4rNjE5TE
  9. Who says im whining ? aggressive language ofcorse truth hurts huh. If you make a sim to simulate a chopper you want everything all bells and whistles. wouldnt you want if you spended 49.99 usd? Oh no theres no doubt think BSK did a awsome job making chopper in all and i enjoy it alot. however i never said the chopper isnt perfect. but wouldnt be getting more from out of your 49.99 usd like an price of entire sim or xbox game or near the price of Public version of Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Sim. Alright lecture is over. Now can close this thread.
  10. If this is true then why make the Mi-8MTV-2 from Afghan War era that deployed every weapon in those times MTV-2 was there all way up to end of war till MTV-3 were replaced later by newer MTV-3 and then later replaced by modern current MTV-5 that heavly redone. So if MTV-2 missing some features as say they are then might as well re-title BSK module DCS Mi-8MTV-2 The Half Magnificent Eight. This why alot of hard core sim pilots left the DCS world and end up just gamers think DCS is an arcade game. In my veiw S-5's and the Bombsight has many uses in DcS anyone says diffeant ithera fool or to lazy pick up a book learn what a airplane or chopper can an can not do.
  11. When are get the S-5/16 and S-5/32 and the Bomb sightfor the Mi-8MTV-2?
  12. Biggest helicopter is the Mi-26 no dought
  13. Just you wait when friday just a news report no patch and still screwed with current. That is why since 2013 and up ED lost alot of hard core sim pilots that were high doller customers and sim turns into a game with these FC3 and higher end airplanes its like inviteing X-Plane 11 and Prepared3D to a sim then you invite Call of Duty into the sim now becomes a game then a sim. so question is why pour money on ED when they cant fix the game since Lock on Modern Air Combat.
  14. I better see see ED put out a patch for fixes and adress the mutiplayer master server etc and adding the fixs to AJS-37 Viggen that missed out on 2 update fixes that should been pput in last 4 weeks ago.
  15. Why not put the F-5E on red side with the Royal Saudi Air Force skin and gazelle L since these are operated by alot of nations all over the world. :)
  16. Yes i know that. I reported bugs that i saw only reported it. just waiting on updates for it that hasnt came from ED since its friday. only got the news of Normandy map.
  17. Think everyone noted all the bugs even one try get in the viggen it times you out back to mp lobby and load back into server then it works when you crash or die and get a new viggen it times out back to mp lobby again. So yeah AJS-37 Viggen is grounded for further fixing of the aircraft. :(
  18. Still no update for the 1.5.6xxxx after 4 weeks with no fixes. Well fellas. 1944 map looks awsome, but shouldn't fixing the sim should be on the highest top of priorities on there lisit make a stable worth sim.
  19. Can you mix loads like Rockets and Bombs? or Mav and Bombs etc?
  20. Sounds very familer like bms F-16 ext sounds and AB but could be wrong.
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