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  1. Has nothing to do with head position for me. It seems to happen if I've been alt tabbing.
  2. Not in my experience. Wings are always swept when I cold start on the boat. If I'm in the RIO seat in multiplayer I see them extended, but the driver sees them swept so it seems to be a case of desync.
  3. I'm seeing the same two things. My PK% versus AI is ~10% in the current build of the open beta for those two reasons you've listed.
  4. It sounds to me like you're getting notched. Make sure to check MLC is set to out, or that you are at least at a lower alt than the bandits. My PK is also ~10% with 54s, but it's for different reasons. My missiles either get decoyed by chaff or they lose speed in the descent of the loft as if they have a drag chute attached.
  5. 50 miles? Never would've occurred to me to take a shot from there on a fighter, seeing as even shots from 35 leave the missile pretty low energy by the time they get to the terminal phase. Are you saying you have higher PK% at 50 miles than you do at 35 miles? Also how do you avoid losing tracks to ground clutter and notching? I thought the purpose of the 54/AWG9 system was to engage from a lower alt than the targets and use MLC out/auto to make sure you don't get notched. You shoot from high up and then dive to a lower altitude before they start notching? My PK% vs AI
  6. Ahh, I thought so. That's disappointing. I currently can't hit the broad side of a barn with 54s. They get decoyed almost every time.
  7. Just wondering if the CM rejection values of the AIM-54 we're adjusted in today's patch. I don't see it mentioned in the changelog, and the Phoenix still seems to be drawn to chaff like a moth to a flame in all my testing today post patch.
  8. I take it back, the probe light is working. But it seems to be pointing in a direction that's not very useful. You only see it reflect off the basket if you're about to connect but you miss high. Is this accurate to real life?
  9. I just started learning the F-14. I was going to come here and report the probe light problems, but it seems that the probe light is pretty dim in real life based on that video. That being said, I'm seeing zero illumination in the sim. I can see the light turning on in the external model, but no light actually illuminating the environment. Seems to be the exact same bug that plagued the F-18 for so long and was only recently fixed.
  10. Feels like a year ago I reported the probe light and tanker light problems. Still broken. :|
  11. @Curly, that's all fine and interesting but the DCS FLOLS popup disappears as you cross over the round down anyway, which is pretty far away from the lenses. Much farther than 20 feet. The range at which it's actually usable (entering the groove to the round down) we should be seeing single lenses illuminate, no?
  12. I don't know who's decision it was to design the IFLOLS popup as analog, but please consider making the popup to resemble the actual IFLOLS with lights/lenses that are either illuminated or not illuminated. This analog format is too arcade. If anyone knows of a good IFLOLS mod, please link me.
  13. Same here. It used to be inconsistent for me, but it hasn't worked at all on my end in many updates now.
  14. Any updates on this? I flew a multiplayer flight with friends last night and we set rain to test the pretty new Super Carrier deck reflections. Can confirm this bug is still present.
  15. I thought the FLOLS was a great idea when it first came out, but I too will be removing it. I don't know what they were thinking by making it analog instead of individual lights/lenses that are either on or off. As it stands right now it's way too easy mode seeing the indicator make such minor movements. Hopefully someone makes a mod for it to look like the real lights. Also should not be visible from 5 miles out in fog, LOL. >_>
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