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  1. real question is, what resolution are you running in?
  2. Im not sure if this is bug, however I recently noticed that all the 14 skins i have are defaulting the wing pylons and underbelly pylons with the generic weathered gray. What would change this? I dont really dive around files too much, with the exception of changing the name of the skin so its in order in game, using notepad. noticed it today
  3. 15 NM is way too close for TWS. you can find them with your pilot radar mode (left to right, top to bottom scan pattern). with a high closure rate, you can launch at somebody at 40 nm(TWS). if they dodge it, you should be at the 15 nm mark for the next shot, when they are defensive. use your camera when you lock on to the target, so you can watch. 10 miles or less, flip ACM switch up and phoenix is pitbull off the rails. and that goes without saying if its a single target, use STT. if you can keep an STT lock on a target at distance, you can get another 15 miles out of your missile. th
  4. @gunslinger22 This looks amazing. look forward to seeing what else you have coming. great job
  5. when this is happening, look at the little window under the parking brake lever to see where the lines are for the trim. it takes a bit to get it to go up and down on that instrument. also if your wings are not in auto , sweeping the wings at low speed then bringing them back out will cause lift that is hard to counter act with trim cause your speed is prob too low. when you take off from carrier make sure you put your flaps down, wait a sec and then adjust the trim to no more than 2 or 3, or your gonna have a violent pitch up on take off. when you set the wings to bomb mode at lower speed
  6. i primarily fly the f-14. if you are good about managing fuel flow and gravity for speed rather than thrust, you can stay up for 2 hours at least. full afterburner and your done in 3 minutes. its up the operator and how he controls the throttle. most airframes are going to be like this. dont know specifics about the 17, but i always found the 18 to be fuel effiecent. i also dont use afterburner except when needed so i can increase my time on station. altitude, ferry distance, engagement throttle management, etc are all going to be big factors in how fast you loose fuel or how long you
  7. map the hud brightness and TV screen brightness to be able to map those. Night flying is great, just spend alot of time adjusting these parameters to match the AO im working in. lot of lights on the ground, gotta adjust the HUD and NVG gain so the green is bit different than the green hue from ground lights. working over water, change it around a bit to get a better picture of surface. small prob but would be helpful
  8. cool. dont forget your bathing suits!
  9. yeah, tell me about it. I prefer to have somebody who wants to RIO as a number 1 task. Have a few guys in my sqaudron that are good with RIO work, but they rarely fly RIO because they want to fly other frames. It would be awesome to build a consistant repitition with somebody who takes pride in the number 2 seat like i take pride in the 1 seat. to me that means learning the ins and outs of the systems and how to utilize them efficiently. not just a button pusher. one can dream haha. :music_whistling:
  10. yeah, i can see that happening. possibly try adjusting the speed? takes less head movement to give you more movement on screen. when i do dogfighting practice, i adjust the speed higher so im not throwing my head all over the place. sure my fiance loves watching me with my headphones on throwing my head all over the place lol
  11. F9 Freezes it in place, orange light shows up. hit it again and it comes back to life. The recenter could be helpful, i think i saw something in track IR to make it mapped to a button. IIRC, i think f12 re-centers. but dont take my word for it
  12. yeah, the basic carrier is already in game. you wont have to do anything special, it will be in alot of the training missions. as far as user created training content, there is plenty around the web. apparently the 18 is suppose to open a door to have a "discount" for the super carrier, but havent heard much news lately. the f-14 is working on a Forrestal class carrier. also has been pretty quiet about that one, prob coming in the next few months. the detail on carrier isnt very bad as is. in mission editor, you can edit and add planes(static) to give the carrier a real life sorta
  13. the supercarrier will be an add on, but right now the carrier is unlocked in game as well as other ships and such. have really enjoyed making a packed deck, with just enough room to navigate around. great for pics. im a huge fan of Naval aviation. like the AF as well, but i just enjoy carrier style sort of flying. the tomcat with A2A strength, good bombing, and the 18 getting finished up, able to do so much stuff i sadly dont know it like i should. I understand the family and kids sorta thing, im sure you will find time. who knows, maybe inspire one of the youngsters to follow the aviation
  14. yeah, stennis is already in game. if thats the case with budget, hornet could use some love haha. hornet might be a good one right outta the box. you will always be able to upgrade setup etc, now i know the cat like i do, i would have a hard time with no pedals. hornet and PG wont let you down one bit. id say learn to make missions with mission editor. sure there are missions that can be downloaded for the 18 as well.
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