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  1. I'll ask once again...anything new?
  2. YES! Thank you 59th Reaper, Krieger for doing this. I've been waiting on the MiG to be totally updated forever! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Please keep us updated and no rush...I've waited this long, a little while longer will be a piece of cake. :pilotfly:
  3. metalhaze

    3G0 MIG29

    Yes the MiG needs to be updated, I agree. One can only hope...
  4. Oh yeah duuuhh :doh: Anyway, the 'read only' box is unchecked and I've been sure to save my settings. All to no avail...I love this monitor and I know this thing can work with Lo and that's what's made things so frustrating.
  5. Viper, no top rez is 1920X1080. I'm pretty sure I checked that read only thing...I forgot what I did. How do I re-check that?
  6. Good luck with it...I've tried so many times to get Lo to stop stretching on my new ASUS 24" monitor by editing the graphics.cfg file. It saves the settings but when I launch Lo it reverts back to 1024 everytime with horrible stretching. My rez is 1920X1080 so I've typed in 1.777777, 1920, 1080, etc...I'm really getting depressed over this whole thing. I may try the Cat 8.3 next as I'm using 8.12 now. The only thing I can think of now if that doesn't work is trying the HDMI input with an adapter. I'm not sure how that's gonna work as my video cards (X1950XTX) are getting long in the to
  7. Hi Tom, I wasn't comparing your model to anyone else's when I said that. :doh: I certainly meant no disrespect toward your work. Keep on workin' that MiG dude...BTW I like that last screenshot a lot!
  8. Yeah imho the radome, cockpit glass and engine nacells on the MiG need more rounding to update it to the SU-25/F-15/A-10 and SU-27 3GO standards.
  9. Ooohh yeah...a new 23 would be sweet. :)
  10. Hey isn't that Fighter's Anthology? My P166 never could quite handle those clouds. :surrender: lol
  11. Ya I remember ME too, I believe it was an acronym for 'Multiple Errors'.:doh:
  12. Whoo hoo! You rock...thanks, Tom. :punk:
  13. My current monitor is LCD@ 1280x1024 and she's running smoothly at the moment. Also, I'm not really interested in Blackshark just yet, I play FC. Thanks for the info though, I'll keep ya posted on how it goes...Gotta wait 'till after Christmas day, though. :pilotfly:
  14. I'm looking at an Asus 24" LCD which might be a nice upgrade from my present Samsung 19". I play FC, have two X1950XTX's in crossfire (overclocked) with 14X AA 16X FSAA. Things are smooth now, so my question is...am I looking for trouble FPS-wise with this choice? Here's me system (meebe it'll shed a nostalgic tear in yer eye maytees) :pirate: FX-55 @ 3 GHZ 2X X1950XTX Crossfire mode 2 G OCZ (the good stuff I forget the name) DFI Lanparty X-Fire MB 650w Antec PSU PS- Sorry about the pirate stuff, I've had a few drinks. :)
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