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  1. Hello there, I am currently looking into the DCS files to better understand the capabilities (G-limits, range, seeker specs) of the air-to-air missiles in-game. I have looked in the CoreMods, Mods and saved games folders and missiles_data.lue file. In there I found the data for FC3 and stock game missiles (AIM-9, R-27, R-40 etc.) but so far I can't find anything on the missiles specific to the MiG-21 module (K-13s, R-55). Where would I look to find this information?
  2. Where am I able to find the .lua files for module-specific weapons, e.g. R-13M, AIM-54C. I am looking to find the G-limits and seeker specs of these missiles.
  3. it's not coming in 2020 unless they rush it.
  4. I have heard of this R-60MK variant but can't find much info on it, how does it differ from the R-60/R-60M, and will the MiG-23MLA module recieve it?
  5. one thing i often see in R-3S vs Aim-9B comparisons is 'R-3S has a long seeker settling time of 22 seconds rather than 11 seconds for AIM-9B'. you often see this quoted in places like war thunder forums where everyone just looks at wikipedia and they don't have the slightest clue about what it means. so what is that actually referring to?
  6. I’d quite like to know what sort of texture and sound quality we’ll be getting with the 23, how will it compare the the 19? E.g. sound realism and tex resolution.
  7. 1. What is happening with the MiG-19 sound update? 2. f15 was mentioned in the newsletter but the MiG-23 wasn't?
  8. no Programming (including prototyping) and modelling would progress concurrently, no? No point sitting around. So over the past couple of months when this updated model was being built (not to mention the cockpit images shared in March) programming would surely be taking place.
  9. Didn’t know you guys worked for razbam. Since you all seem to know exactly what they’re working on, perhaps you tell us the internal state of all their modules and future plans? ;)
  10. 'continual updates' but no say on the farmer whose sounds have been sub-par since release.
  11. just to get it out there i'm not begging for a release window. i just want to know where it's up to and what's happening.
  12. really starting to wonder what's happening with the sound pack they're making.
  13. OverStratos' forum avatar has changed, it's too small to tell, but I'm wondering if it's in DCS or a real Flogger? ;)
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