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  1. T1600m hotas. The shit quality of both the twisty z axis on the stick and the pedals on the throttle made it so they are unusable because of the controls stuttering. I'm actually using the wheel on the throttle for rudder and I use the control indicator in DCS to see how much I have turned the rudder. It seemed impossible to use helos at first but now I have been flying like this for two months and honestly I'm sure I could fix it easily but I'm too lazy for these kind of things at the moment. I have gotten used to it and I feel like I fly no worse than before.
  2. I guess there are purists who would want as realistic loadouts as possible and I must admit that in this case, I agree with them. The thing is that most exotic loadouts I know in dcs were actually tested and flown (there are pictures of them) Examples of that are the 6 aim54's on the f14 or the triple maverick rack on the f16. But I just can't seem to find any evidence that the triple gbu config has been tested on a f/a-18c. I still hope someone could mod these triple gbu's or other crazy, technically possible but never flown, loadouts. Would be fun toying with those ar
  3. Yes, I believe this issue has already been reported. It actually involves the cargo weighing nothing hence the excessive swinging. It's funny because it literally made me fail a "the memory of the hero campaign" mission. Pretty game breaking I admit.
  4. Of course on multiplayer people will want to fly the best planes if they don't want to get their asses kicked. In single player though people gonna chose what they like to fly since the scenarios are going to be adapted to the plane they fly. As someone said above me, the majority plays single player. What is this logic ? Pretty much half the military world has or used to have hinds as main attack helos. Apaches are the minority in comparison: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mil_Mi-24#/media/File:Mil_Mi-24_operators.svg You may be thinking the hind or the ka50 are "uncool" and
  5. @ResonantCard1 It seems you are very vocal about your opinions and you are free to do as you wish but please don't state your opinion as if they are facts. 0 reason you say ? Zero reason to you perhaps but for me here are some reasons: The ka50 is a single seat aircraft which, depending on ED's implementation of the AI gunner may be an advantage gameplay and enjoyment wise over the apache. Secondly the ka50 is excellent in ground attack if you know how to operate it regardless of if the apache is better or not. As zhukov said above me, comparing both side to side doesn
  6. I will say that while I found the module to be top notch quality and the flight model seeming very realistic to me. At first I absolutely hated flying because I always got into vrs. That's why I spent an enormous amount of time with the huey instead. Then I picked the mi8 again when the hind announcements came in because I wanted to learn to fly this bird because I believe the hind would have been quite similar in terms of flying it. Yes, just like you I was scared that because I hated flying the MI8, I would also hate the hind. Well, let me tell you this. First I
  7. I agree with you, plus it is nice already having those liveries you mentioned. Interesting stuff, thanks teaching me something new.
  8. Cold war europe map would be very awesome in my opinion. I don't really know exactly where it would be located but in any case, the upcomming mig 29, mig 23 and mi24 modules would be perfect (without even mentioning the mig 19, mig 21, mi/8). The red side would almost be totally complete. For the blue side though, I admit it ain't perfect.
  9. This is something I very much wish for too. ED has said nukes weren't something they wanted to add to DCS and I suspect it has to do with political or publicity reasons. In any case, the b61 seems to be pretty much a standard weapon for the f15e. On the same topic I heard f/a-18's and f16's could carry nukes (the f16c has a nuclear consent panel even). Can anyone specify if those planes we have in DCS could or even did carry atomic bombs ? I would love to see realistic nuclear scenarios in DCS.
  10. Je pense qu'il faudrait aller voir sur le site DCS où t'as acheté FC3 et puis dans "profil" et dans la section "mes commandes" clique sur FC3 et il devrait y avoir un bouton qui affiche ton numéro de série.
  11. If people are giving their opinions, I'm going to say that for me at least, training missions are absolutely essential even if there are basic and few of them. Nevertheless, hasn't ED got a policy where any module should come out with at least the bare minimum of training missions ?
  12. forum problems aside, this thread presents an awesome idea. Yes Afghanistan would be awesome for everything and especially helos ! The Mi-8 and the upcomming apache and especially the hind would fit so perfectly. This is not even mentioning the planes we gonna get that would fit in.
  13. Yes, now that you mention it, trapping the f14 seems awfully easy. Like you said, you simply slam the plane down on the deck and it will catch the wire. That's pretty much exactly like the FC3 su33. The f/a-18 on the other hand. I remember how frustrated I was when doing my first carrier landings because it was so goddamn hard to catch the wire.
  14. Super excited for anything made by deka. Any eta on when the announcement is gonna drop ?
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