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  1. This issue occurred again today and doesn't appear to be fixed. Just got shot down without any RWR warning. The whole time I was only spiked by the Mig-31. Curiously enough, the radar did show something incoming...perhaps TWS actually picked up the missile, but I died shortly thereafter.
  2. Hello, I have posted about this bug before, but the Mig-31, when it launches the R-33 missile gives a Tomcat a launch warning between 15-30% of the time. The missile is a Fox-1 missile that is SARH. For all other planes besides the Tomcat, this missile gives a launch warning. For the Tomcat, it gives a lock warning on the RWR--70-85% of the time. This means that the vast majority of the time it's impossible to tell if a Mig-31 with its Phoenix-like missile is launching on you. Because it's also possible that the Mig-31 only has R-40 missiles, which do always give launch warning
  3. Hello, This error occurs 100% of the time when on a carrier - no need for a track. This occurs in both single and multiplayer. The only time it does not is when the plane is connected to the catapult after pressing the default "U" key. This affects more than one jet on the carrier, at present I have only tested with the Hornet and F-14 B. I don't know if it affects AI, as I have only seen players. I believe it affects all players on the deck in MP, but it has been a while since I have been on a carrier in MP. The bug is that planes slide forward or backward very slowl
  4. Hello, I play using the HP Reverb on a system with 64 GB of RAM, a 2080 Ti and a 8600k. The problem only occurs when increasing textures to high, both world and cockpit. This problem has only occurred since the last patch or two. If textures are set to Medium for cockpit and Low for world, this issue doesn't happen even after about 4 hours of play (the longest I have played for and tested). This problem occurs in both SP and MP and seems to happen more often when changing maps from Caucus to PG or when changing planes a lot. The end result is that FPS goes down to and stay
  5. Hello, The F-14 does not always (about 70% of the time) get a missile launch radar tone from the AI Mig-31 when it launches an R-33. The tone we get from the RWR is only the Spike/Lock on tone. This only seems to apply to the R-33 missile. This leads to many deaths with Tomcat pilots and has lead to the now-common adage that "if a Mig-31 is locking you, just assume an R-33 is on its way". I have a track file from Persian Gulf at war, it's 123 Mb uncompressed, however and includes a significant amount of flight time in an F-16C. Let me know if you want it. I also ha
  6. I got shot down today in MP on the GAW server. After respawning, the right engine of the Tomcat won't crank. Switching planes made no difference. This was an old bug from a while ago, I recall. I was using autopilot and turned it off, but the plane would only make delayed responses to pulling back on the stick. I would have to pull back extra hard to get the nose to move. I tried turning the autopilot on and off several times and it make no difference.
  7. My game crashes when in the Tomcat for more than 20 minutes. Right to desktop, never happened before.
  8. I had this same problem. The resolution was to leave the server and join again. This seems to happen very rarely. The time it did happen, I left the server and started an SP mission and was still able to start the engine. In the maybe 40-50 times I've had to respawn this has only happened once.
  9. I keep getting BRA calls from Magic, but my D/L is on and almost never shows the enemy. I keep asking for bogey dope and it sees him. I don't get what the deal is with this. And why in the name of God is the Mig-15 more maneuverable and powerful than a Hornet? In my Tacview I see see the Mig-15 in a climb for 4,000 feet from 9500 to 13500 and it GAINS speed. Wtf is this?
  10. This makes the Hornet look like the F-16C (screenshots below). Download from DCS: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3302716/ For those who want to make the F-15C look like the F-15E Strike Eagle, I did a simple reskin: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3302718/
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