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  1. Maybe I'll add there some other popular mods in the future but currently I've a lot of other todos... it is ok, i just was curious becouse herc is in good shape and have lot of systems as a4 does so i just wanted to know. But i am aware of your long list of tasks that need to be done before you start any other mod. Thanks anyway and keep going.
  2. I didnt get any answer regarding Hercules mod? Any time or never? I know you @f4l0 are bussy even with regular dcs modules but i asume if a4 is gatting attention as a community mod than herc should too (on my planet of apes) anyway thanks for your great work!
  3. @f4l0any chance to make simshaker profile for Hercules mod by Anubis and new version of A-4? thanks in advance
  4. Latest version is 6.2 try to download it and install
  5. Does it pssess IC check now?
  6. After todays notes i can agreed with you.
  7. i hope that Morkva_55 will never quit on this and that we gonna see this mod in 2021
  8. After i update mod folder with this lua, aircraft cant be placed on any airport. Maybe too big, check that if it is just on my side or it is lua. And it is better now when it can fly over 24k and faster than 308knts. Good work, just check this about size.
  9. I was thinking to ask this question, it seems too slow
  10. https://free3d.com/3d-model/boeing-737-7es-peace-eagle-turkish-turkish-air-force-3d-model-5184.html I wolid like to have this mod for DCS, not flyable, just AI but with AWACS task, say your price
  11. Yeah good idea, but i dont thik that we gonna see anytning new becouse they need to pay for 3d models. I asked for E-8 or 737-AEW but no joy...
  12. Any news when we could get update with new bases?
  13. Totally agree with you, any of those would be great addition to dcs. You could try with all you have and what you know, and i know that in the end someone could help us to polish it for nice ai plane.
  14. There no update for the map today, i hope that MAESTRO decided to add more Turkish bases and becouse of it we need to wait more
  15. It would be nice if we can have this one as AI unit. https://free3d.com/3d-model/boeing-737-7es-peace-eagle-turkish-turkish-air-force-3d-model-5184.html
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