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  1. It seems the AGM-154 JSOW C is missing from the "MISSILE IN ZONE" list. The list has AGM-154A and AGM-154B, but not the C variant.
  2. Yup I figured it out, it was my mistake. This can be marked as no bug and be deleted.
  3. Although you can now carry 60 chaff and 60 flares, in the mission editor loadout screen you seem to still be only able to do 60/30, or the older combinations, and not select a 60 chaff / 60 flare loadout. When you spawn in you can then get 60 flares from the loadout screen in the 3D world.
  4. Same here, can't start after today's update with Frenchpack installed.
  5. Per Google Earth, the image is from 3/10/2020 via Maxar Technologies. You can clearly see that the east runway is used, with the west only used as taxiway. The west runway has no runway markings, no scarring from tires, and can be clearly seen as the northern third is still under construction. I would say that Poko24 is clearly right in this situation, and the AI should be adjusted to use the eastern runway.
  6. As title states. The trigger condition "MLRS in Zone" doesn't seem to work. To replicate, place any MLRS artillery system with a trigger zone where the rockets will go. If you set up the trigger condition to do anything, you will see the trigger never fires. This happens regardless of which MLRS system is used, BM-21, 30, MLRS 270, etc. The following is given in the dcs.log: ERROR Trigger: can't execute trigger, err:"[string "?"]:1: attempt to call global 'c_mlrs_in_zone' (a nil value)"
  7. AI helos are unable to take off from Naqoura helibase. The following is in the dcs.log. ERROR LUA-TERRAIN: getRunwayHeading: not found runways for './Mods/terrains/Syria/AirfieldsTaxiways/Naqoura.rn4' airdrome With any sort of takeoff from Naqoura, aircraft start but never move off the parking spot.
  8. Any chance of getting this mod to show up as a "30" like the default Su-30 on the RWR? Right now it shows up as a U on western RWRs.
  9. Were you ever able to figure out any more about how to define the radars to add them to the symbols.lua?
  10. How do you get the P3 to drop torpedo's? NVM got it by attacking in zone
  11. Where are the updates at, or is this just in development? I only see the 1.7 link on the first post.
  12. Is this mod still being developed at all?
  13. I could see that, I just don't know how that would be defined, if it is from the vehicle/sensor in the mod or in the RWR definitions somewhere
  14. Ok, I added this to the end of the symbols string section of the lua. --High Digit SAMS ['SA-17 Buk TR'] = '17', ['S-300PS 64H6E TRAILER sr'] = 'BB', ['S-300PS SA-10B 40B6MD MAST sr'] = 'CS', ['S-300PS SA-10B 40B6M MAST tr'] = '10', ['S-300PS 40B6M MAST tr'] = '10', ['S-300PS 30N6 TRAILER tr'] = '10', ['S-300PMU1 30N6E tr'] = '20', ['S-300PMU1 40B6M tr'] = '20', ['S-300PMU2 64H6E2 sr'] = 'BB', ['S-300PMU2 92H6E tr'] = '20', It did not change anything, the Grave Stone still tracked as a 10, and the Grizzly as an 11.
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