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  1. Ah I see, that's understandable. I guess things like thrust vectoring are not supported in the SFM hence the inability to perform those manoeuvres for now.
  2. Love this mod it's probably my most used aircraft now! Will the flight model be developed further to allow for the Raptor's party piece tricks used at airshows? I'd love for it to perform the power loop/somersault and pedal turns ready for an airshow routine.
  3. Thank you, I understand it is a virtual model. Still, it flies very well I enjoy it a lot. Regarding the livery, it was more of a request to the wider community. Unfortunately I do not have any skill or experience in creating a livery. I hope someone from the community can make some nice skins.
  4. This is a great mod, thank you for providing it. It's great fun to fly! I imagine it is still work in progress and you will update the flight model to match the real delta wing? Also please can you (or someone else) make a skin for the aerobatic display team such as the one shown below? Thanks
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