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  1. Hi, I am sorry to insist, but today after latest hotfix patch, I get this message when trying to join MP: textures/white @ e:/dcs.openbeta/mods/aircraft/rafale pack version 002 This is the only mod that does not pass integrity check on my side. Is there a problem with this file ?
  2. Hi, I get this error concerning the integrity check (multiplayer): textures/white @ e:/dcs.openbeta/mods/aircraft/rafale pack version 002 models/ptb-1500.edm @ e:/dcs.openbeta/mods/aircraft/rafale pack version 002 Are you aware of that ? Do I need to remove the Rafale when trying to join MP ? Thanks.
  3. First, thanks a lot for this mod it is a pure joy to fly ! A few questions (sorry if it has already been anwsered): - Does the Rafale mod change the afterburner sound effect for the other modules ? Since I've download it, all FC3 modules (and also the F5) got the same afterburner sound effect. - Is the Rafale nounou A2Arefueling working ? I made contact but it does not refuel my Rafale. - Is the AIM120C working with the -C and MAir version ? All my missile rocket climbed to the sky and were not tracking. Thanks a lot !
  4. With last OB as per 11-20-2020 the bug is still present. HSI knob selector only increase in either clockwise or counterclock
  5. Hi, As per 11/11/20 the mission 8 is still broken. On the patrol path, nothing comes up on ARK-UD chanel 5.... Can someone ping the creator so he can check, because something is definatly wrong with all the radio beacons in this campaign... Thanks EDIT: When lunching the mission from the Mission Editor, tuning on ARK-UD; R828 channel 5 just after take off, the signal is catched and it triggers the Mi24 to investigate but I haven't reach WPT1, it's way to soon. Triggers and radio nav seems to be chaotic SECOND EDIT: When approaching WPT2, the ARK-UD; R828 channel 5 signal faded... I
  6. Hi, In mission 6, the one where you pick up the troops and the weapons at the house near the river could not be accomplished. I've follow the route with precision, land at podova (I tried all the helipad) but nothing happens. Then my wingman return to Ostrika farp... Could be something wrong with the triggers ? Also, the radio nav (ARK-UD) is broken, it is either not working or showing a wrong direction (exemple with Fort 8, chanel 8 on radio). Thanks !
  7. Hey, I tried to use the ARK-UD during the campaign and it doesn't seem to work. On Mission 4, I can not receive the ARKUD signal from the radar station. On mission 5, I can not receive the ARKUD signal from the Fort 8. I checked in the ME everything is setup (and fixed from last version) but each time I play the mission in the campaign I cannot have the ARKUD lock on freq. If I run the mission in the ME everything is working fine, although I am doing the same procedure. Can somebody confirm please ?
  8. Hi everyone, hi Elmo, Is has already been reported on multiple occasions but on the last OB the cockpit console lights are too bright. Attached, the screenshot where it's not even night, the console light knobs are at the minimum and yet the lights are way too bright. Could we have less intense light please. Cheers.
  9. Thanks for your feedback and for the fix. Waiting for next update ! Cheers !
  10. Edit: It appears that when I run the mission from the ME, the ARK-UD is working properly. Very strange, because it's not working when lunching the mission from the campaign. Can anyone investigate this please Cheers
  11. Hi, I just checked in the ME editor, and nearly all the mission of the campaign have issue with the ARK-UD nav. Problem is that the units transmitting the signal have no wattage setup (i.e. power is 0 thus no signal is transmitted). Need it fixed please because 50% of the job in the campaign is to fly from a beacon to another...
  12. not working indeed, same problem, the unit transmitting the message has no wattage setup (i.e. signal power is 0 thus not transmitting). It's the same for all of the units in every misssion. Need a fix please
  13. I'm sorry but this is wrong. The ARK-UD is not working because the units transmitting the message does not have a wattage setup. Probably because of the recent update, but no wattage is setup. You can easily check that on the ME. Please, need a fix, because the Radio Nav is 50% of the campaign work...
  14. As per 10/13/2020, there are still some units that cannot transmit the ARK-UD because they have no wattage setup (see mission 2 for exemple). any fix ?
  15. haha no, it was fine. Two are better than one and it follows a request on the Razbam discord :thumbup:
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