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  1. Oh yes, optimize and maintain the code usually takes 1/4 of development efford, but avoids on a near future to fight against the spaghetti mess. (If anyone is interested on timing, at now IBM z/OS team uses 2/8 for cleaning/optimization, 3/8 for security/testing and 3/8 to devel new features, and a separate team only for design/architect and documentation)
  2. As the project compiles on visual studio, it's relative easy to find those leaks (I have a lot experience on it) using the CRT lib: _CrtDumpMemoryLeaks, checkpoints, etc. or using the diagnostic tools. Tedious, yes, but not hard. Later fixing it can be more difficult, in this case, as the problem seems thread free and closing related, fixing it can trigger some vtable and pointer refs problems, I hope that ED have unit tests.
  3. In my PC the panel lights are the major fps drop, for example, if I do a lights test it drops from 60 fps to 4 fps. EDIT: I removed the fxo and metashaders2 folders and now it's solid stable at 60 fps.
  4. Ok, I tested it on all modules, and this bug is only on the harrier. Tested in latest OB. P.S. Attached harrier and mirage screenshots to compare.
  5. With all my respect, but this test was aimed only to test the dV of missiles, and I think that it's a good approximation, of course it can be done better and with less errors, but remember, here we only want analyze the dV. As the test was ~0 AGL and the missile don't maneuver, the CL or other lift/drag variables impact are very minimized, being almost the pure rocket burn impulse. This is the only variable to show and test here, and it seems weird for a lot missiles. I don't have the real data, time and DCS internals knowledge to make a better study, due that I left this to develo
  6. Happy holidays to all, I did a very simple DCS missile research, showing very strange behavior: 1. Huge AIM-7M distance regarding other SARH missiles. 2. Huge AIM-9(all variants) distance regarding other short IR missiles. 3. Very small difference between R-27ET/ER and R-27T/R 4. It's strange that the R-77 performance was lower than AIM-120B. 5. Also the SD-10 performance is significant lower than the AIM-120B, too strange. * Yes, I know that a lot variables was ignored here, like the engine burn rate, missile drag, etc. but this was a simply missile launch in straight line (w
  7. Adding the APKWS to Harrier will boost sales, for sure. I'm just saying
  8. Hello, A green zone on the upper visor zone appears when you spawn cold on every MP *night* mission (only tested on Caucasus) when you uses the Pimax 5k+ (and probably using other high FOV VR devices) P.S. When you try the same at day all works well.
  9. Deka, How is the AG EXP new API implementation process going?
  10. Wow Deka, the new BRM-1 using the ED APKWS API works like a charm! Thank you a lot :)
  11. Great job! Thanks a lot for your work on weapons, is awesome. ;)
  12. As seen on the latest Wags video, the A-10C II APKWS rockets supports lasing and seems to have some erratic movement like the vikhr, also the warhead seems to be more powerful than the BRM90 one. Is it possible to review that to have a proper guiding and warhead damage?
  13. IMHO this must to be part of combined arms, or dependent of it with a BIG discount for old CA owners (like 75%)
  14. Wow Mustang. Awesome work! I hope that ED will integrate these shaders on DCS.
  15. Please, open a new thread to discuss about it, this is about a seeker and guidance bug. Thank you.
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