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  1. those External fuel tanks look a lot better also!!
  2. Sweet!! Where are these new skins located???
  3. thank you.. Ill give it a try
  4. I used my IPV4.. i might be in the deep end of the pool now. I don’t know much more then I already did. thanks for the reply
  5. I’m trying to figure out how to host. I’ve opened up port 10308 on my router. I’m pretty sure it’s also opened on my computer firewall. Created an exception for incoming and outgoing. I’ve even disabled the firewall completely. But my server still doesn’t show as being available. What’s my next step in trouble shooting? Thanks!
  6. Not sure how possible it would be, but what if you can set a beginning weather preset and a ending weather preset. A time condition would also have to be an option. I’m thinking it would start at the beginning weather preset and transition thru the other presets until it gets the the ending weather presets. One would be able to launch a mission in good weather and end with bad weather for recoveries. It would also create a random weather condition over the target.
  7. I'm having the same issues.. but its only with the B.. Is there a solution to this?
  8. It comes up on a different language
  9. I’m not home to try this.. but it’s the A-6 airframe?
  10. Does this have any affect on IC or multiplayer compatibility?
  11. There is another one coming in the near future. But I think it is a re-skin of the Legacy model. I’m unclear if it has any more capabilities. The mod is going to include the E,F, and G variants.
  12. i love this tool. I would love to be able to change the text in the briefing. I sometimes have to alter the mission and the briefings cant be changes, for instance if I use CVN-71 and I want the TACAN to be 71X.. I'm finding that I cannot change it. Or if I don't have JTAC, I cant remove that part of the brief.
  13. That’s amazing! I love the weathering!!!
  14. I have the same issue when doing a mission over Syria and fighting insurgents. I was hoping it was because these fighters don’t know how to use Russian hardware.. i have not tried that with a different faction.
  15. Spurts is right.. they needed funding for Lantern and moved the funding from AMRAAM to the Strike role for the F-14.
  16. I would love to get these to work again. I don't know enough about the DCS architect to make mods work. I still have the original downloads with hopes it can somehow get a renewed start down the road.
  17. I still have the SH, but last I heard it can't be flown with the current build of DCS. I would love to still use it, If there is a way. If somebody can point me in the right direction, I would totally appreciate it. Thanks Guys!
  18. ahh.. yes you did.. my apologies. I had downloaded it a little while back and I didn't notice my build number. Sorry about the oversight
  19. I have downloaded it and went step by step on the install off the flaming cliffs .dll files into the F22 bin folder. Unfortunately.. when I launch the sim.. it still acts as AI. I don’t have any control of it, and can’t enter the cockpit. What did I miss or not consider?
  20. how about a Superhornet based on the C?
  21. I'm trying to do some controller programming. I have noticed on a few modules that the controller binding box is darker then the others. when I run the mouse curser over it, I get the message "No Command Available for this device". With some research I think it might be a controller .lua issue, but I'm not 100% on this. I don't think its a hardware issue because other aircraft have that specific button programed already. And sometimes the Dark box appears over a keyboard command.. Does anybody know of a work around for this.. ? or where to start? Thanks D
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