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  1. Hi does anyone know how to fix this issue , getting this message when trying to play in multiplayer . i think it has just happened since the last windows update but not sure, any help would be great. cheers
  2. Hi does anyone have a good tutorial on how to setup the OpenTrack or FaceTrackNoir software. I have been trying to set it up for a while without much success , i have got the delanclip, Or does someone have a good setup file i can use for DCS?? Any help with this would be greatly appreicated.
  3. Hi has anyone tired these gaming headsets by Creative Evo ZxR ???
  4. Anyone tried these Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR Entertainment Headset
  5. Hi can anyone recommend a good headset with a clear microphone!
  6. Thank you all for the usefull advise , i have just ordered the warthog hotas Can anyone recommend a good headset with a good clear mic for multiplayer mode
  7. Hi Newbee here , looking for some advise on which HOTAS also rudder pedals to buy? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi Newbee here , i am new to DCS and was wondering which HOTAS and Rudder pedals should i buy? Any advice would greatly be appreciated
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