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  1. We'll be lucky to get even one, and that one is the F-4E which has seen like PLENTY of sales and fights. Three seems to be asking too much for a Module that was put into indefinite hold. What we could realistically ask is just two as this is an iconic plus rich combat history airplane. Navy Phantom will certainly bring that extra Naval landing fun without the modern HUD and all. Then again, it does take around like 4 years to develop a module, less is like 3 years. Personally for me; I'd be wishing for the F-4J or S as the extra second for Carrier fun. The originally intended F-4E
  2. Just coz there is no pics does not mean they did not use it. USMC planes mostly took off from nearby bases than carriers at majority. They are CAS focused and in the beginning, they did carry it. When I posted the pics, I only intended to show that, they can carry it. As for UK Phantoms, there are a good amount of pics on UK Phantoms. Wiki is not fully wrong nor fully correct... This is the closest I could find about their usage on Vietnam and USMC was CAS focused.
  3. I don't know about the Navy, but I heard in some articles they did have it in the inventory over there at Vietnam, but chose not to carry coz of its unreliability and unlike AF, they needed the extra fuel tanks more. However its is stated in wiki that the USMC did carry gun pods primarily for strafing runs and they preferred to carry two. The Navy and USMC pretty much use the same planes, so I am sure the F-4 Naval/Marines can carry these gunpods.
  4. Initially, the Naval and USMC Phantoms did use the gunpods in combat missions, but soon found that they jammed. So Navy did limit the usage...US.Marines still used it to some degree more than Navy as they were the once doing more CAS missions and strafe runs. Yes, the AF was the most big users of gunpod.
  5. What I meant was the active live combat experience...as in dropping bombs and combat etc in ME regions. Not the deployed part on the middle eastern theaters where the Naval variants mostly did was " overseeing and policing duties". They did not actively participate in those Israel-Lebanon wars. However the E version saw tons of combat and had many sales. But yet...as said, hypothetical fictional duties can be made in ME maps. I am not against Naval phantoms. I certainly would be delighted to see one included in DCS as a module.
  6. ED did say they've got no plans for Vietnam map and its not on the roadmap for them. Maybe some 3rd party devs could make it a reality...
  7. I had to go back re-edit the aircraft CONDITION in the mission editior to around 40 percent to finally get a kill and proceed to the next mission. I did get the kill after lobbing 3x R-77 and 2xR73. I guess we'll see this changed after couple of years from now...maybe after 4 years down the line coz there are still some AI 3D models that need updating from LOMAC and Flanker 2.5 era. Seems updating AI 3D models is not big on the priority list.
  8. I can't seem to shootdown the F-117, even after lobbing 4x R-77 and 4x- R73 and 30mm cannon fire. It still keeps flying as if nothing happened. I encountered this strange issue flying in the SP campaign Red Knight, flying the J-11 mission 8 of campaign. Damage model issue...maybe?
  9. At most we'd be seeing the F-4E, as it is the ONLY version that has seen so much combat with respect to our PRESENT maps that we already do have. This would only happen if any 3rd party developer does take up the F-4 series project...whichever versions. It is most certainly a combat rich iconic aircraft to just let it go as an afterthought... I do not know about the Naval Phantoms as to how they fit in other than our hypothetical cold war settings from Caucasus map or some fictional ME war. ED did say they have no plans of doing Vietnam map and as of present, it is not
  10. We're running out of modern aircrafts anyway (They did say Super Hornets are a no-go for them)...and there is a limit to it and third parties too. They can now mostly have option of century series planes and there are still more combat experience rich century series planes that can be developed. Considering the sales aspect as well, most would certainly get sales. About the Leatherneck simulation surprise plane...it could very well be Su-7 or Su-17...this is just my guess. It'll all take a while since they do have to iron out the Mig 21 that we currently have. ED has at
  11. As for the engine, I am not against it, but just noting that they have more on their plate. And it is important to optimize the engine plus extra features. For AI 3D models: I do not know WHY ED has prioritized updating GROUND assets than air assets that we already have from LOMAC era (it looks strange flying with gimp/paint graphics old assets). I mean, we hardly see the details and the visual beauty of ground vehicles when doing missions from aircraft/helo platforms. So, I find it confusing as to why they do not seem to give importance to the AI 3D Plane assets which we already h
  12. Well, ED has almost fully run out of MODERN DOABLE aircrafts. So, it could either be their bigger focus is on WW2 series, western theater or they would be mostly expanding on just the DCS sim engine itself, adding features etc than new modules. Personally, not into DCS WW2 planes (I use the IL-2 series for that) and I do not own any of those WW2 planes in DCS, except the freebee TF-51. I do, however, I do own all of the jet series minus the A-10. Also non on helos, need to learn to fly those. ED still has to UPDATE a lot of the OLDER AI 3D models that look odd from the old LOMAC s
  13. ED pretty much left the F-4 on indefinite hold for them, But also left it free for OTHER third party developers if interested to develop the module. Considering the fame of the F-4 series. I too would like to see it in DCS, primarily the F-4E that saw PLENTY of combat, and as for Naval fun with all that carrier landings. We could see the F-4J or F-4B. UK did use F-4J modded a bit for their use, and may have been used to some extent in the Falkland wars and we are going to have Falkland map. However, ED did state no developers had planned for Vietnam map, at
  14. But first we need to improve on the VERY OLD and GIMP/Paint graphic AI Models, like the Su-30, Mig-27, S-3 Viking, A-6 Intruder, B-52 Bomber, B1B, F-117, F-16A etc etc.... Mos of them listed in the OPs post are to somewhat acceptable levels...
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