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  1. Expanding I guess I should expand. The usual method of changing the LUA to set up my Monitor and the MFDs, everything displays like it should, but the game stops being fluid. Although it shows 35+ FPS, it looks bad. When I just play regular 3 screen like always, I get the 35+ FPS but it's actually free from stutter. That's how it's always been for me. But that has worked since day 1 with the F18. What has changed that ED is now adding DDI extraction to the changelog?
  2. So, I saw the new Update allows for DDI extraction of the FA-18. However, I can't find anything which explains it. Therefore, the questions is, did they just implement what was possible on the other modules, which in reality was "creating" a new screen size, then restricting the Display to the actual main screen while rendering the DDIs wherever on that big grid the display locations where set? I wish they'd allow for extraction like BMS, a separate screen. Because with my 3 Monitor Setup, the old way DCS used to let you export would make a 7620x2520 screen, display the main window on the 7620x1440 and the DDIs on the lower part. But that extra black space still reduces the FPS quite a bit.
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