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  1. Hi All, A buddy of mine and myself are looking to get a WWII plane and do some flying together in a WWII era campaign or mission. I have no clue about the WWII planes, assets and campaigns. We were looking to get the P-47D however any recommendations would be welcomed. We would prefer the Ally planes. Anyways, my main question is 1. Do we have to buy not just a WWII plane but also the WWII Asset pack and the Channel or Normandy maps as well? Do we get any missions/campaigns that come with just the P-47D that include WWII enemies? 2. Are we able to do WWII campaigns together in coo
  2. That makes sense. I'll give this a try and see.
  3. Hi All, I bought voice attack years ago on steam but never used it. I wanted to get the Viacom Pro plugin so I went to steam and installed Voice Attack. However, when I run the Viacom install I get "Voice attack is not installed" message. Any ideas?
  4. I have this issue as well. It happens when i go above the clouds. RTX 2080TI Reverb G2 Same here, even in single player.
  5. I tried this with no luck. I've noticed that PD .5 has the bouncing clouds issue for me. If I raise it to PD 1 then they it goes away. However, no matter what the PD I set I still get the blurry clouds regardless of low - Ultra Cloud settings. (I selected the default VR settings in DCS then tested PD .5 - 1) FPS is lower than usual but not by a whole bunch. Also, I get the halo effect mentioned in other threads. This halo happens when I go above the clouds. My thoughts are its happening when i have an upper deck of clouds above me and a lower deck. The best way to describe the halo is the oute
  6. I've just started learning the Harrier and when It came to launching those Mavericks I about pulled out all my hair haha. I did everything right(or so I though) uncaged, locked, in range etc but It would not fire. After doing some forum and google searching I ran across a post saying you need to have your nozzles at 0. Anything other than 0 the Maverick will not fire or seems to never fire. So far I have been able to fire every time now with the nozzles at 0. Hope this helps.
  7. I am looking to buy one of those sim cockpits that consist of a chair and mounts for my flight controls. I also race in iracing so I am looking for something that Can mount a steering wheel as well that is under 1k that can do both flight and racing sims. I don't the cockpits that come with the screen mounts since I will never be adding on monitors, I'm 100% vr. Anyways, I could really use some advice on a quality brand that wont put me over 1k that can handle flying and racing and preferably have a keyboard mount as well. Thanks!
  8. I figured it out. In short I needed to redo the part that has you either select room space or sitting down experience. I selected sitting down and it went back to normal.
  9. I don't think the tracking is the issue for my VR. I can play iracing and MS Flight Simulator with no issues. When I switch over to DCS I lose the ability to move forward/backward left/fight. I can only move my head in a yes or no motions as if my head is fixed in place. I was able to get past the stutter issue. Don't ask cause I don't know how haha. I run Med to high on all the settings and I seem to be able to maintain 90FPS. I'm still trouble shooting the head stuck in place issue and will update if I come up with the solution.
  10. One other question. I have Windows Mixed reality running, I also have Steam VR. Should they both be running or should I uninstall Windows Mixed Reality and leave the Steam VR to do the work? I'm not quite sure how this works.
  11. Hi all So i just built my new computer for flying and racing in VR. Over the last 2 days I am slowly figuring out how to get my system running properly. I followed this post https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/254858-bignewys-reverb-g2-settings-for-high-frame-rate/ and it has helped. I am however running into two issues that I can't seem to figure out. 1. My VR doesn't allow me to move my head around like leaning forward or to left and right, its completely fixed in place, i can rotate my head and look around but that's it. This wasn't the case earlier yesterday when I was a
  12. Well I pulled the trigger and ordered the 10900k. I can see they are already scalping the preorders for the 11900k at around $1100. With that I said F#$% It because I feel it will be just like the GPUs and always sold out. I'm also worried the 10900k price will go up once this happens. Either way I appreciate y'all taking the time to comment. I'll be flying next week and back on the race track in iracing. Can't wait to see what its like to go from a 2.5Ghz System, 1080 GPU and Oculus rift to a 10900k, RTX2080 TI HP REVERB G2 Setup! Its been 3yrs since I touched sims!
  13. Thanks for the response! I'll admit I am fairly knowledgeable with building computers but I guess I don't know as much as I think I do haha. I had assumed at some point no matter what current CPU or GPU combo you would throw at DCS you wouldn't take a FPS hit. I was always looking at it as how can I reach full settings with 45FPS or 90FPS. Could this be done with a 10900k and 3090 if not then which device would be the culprit that is slowing down my FPS, GPU or CPU? I assumed it would be the 10900k and was wondering if the 11900k would solve this problem which was the main point of my thread(M
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