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  1. Anyone know if the Mirage has anything similar to the Time on Target functionality in the Hornet?
  2. Forgot to save the track file for the above example. The same behaviour is visible in this track though. F18_TWS_Test.trk
  3. I've recorded what feels like a bug with the F18 radar. It seems that when in TWS you can watch a contact fly towards you but when you try and bug the contact the radar antenna elevation is changed and this can cause the contact to be lost. In this video there is a contact 60 degrees left at 20,000. TWS is performing a 2B, 80 sweep biased where I know the contact should appear. This 2B scan covers 18,000 to 22,000. When I TDC depress over this contact the radar elevation changes and covers 7,000 to 13,000 which means the contact is lost after 4 seconds. Should the radar really be changing it's scan elevation?
  4. @BIGNEWY Similar to OP performance has decreased for me with 2.7. Performance is worse for me with this patch even when using the VR graphics preset. I've attached my dcs.log System specs are: HMD: Reverb G2 CPU: 5950X RAM: 32GB 4000Mhz GPU: RTX 3080 M2 SSD dcs.log
  5. Yes, this sounds very interesting. Particularly in light of the dynamic campaign you're building if they can be integrated.
  6. Although relatively minor in the grand scheme of things every time I start a mission in the JF-17 it's zoomed out as far as it will go. I have to zoom in to a "normal" level every time!
  7. Will Jester AI be available as RIO for those of us with a limited pool of people to fly the F-14 with? If so will this require anything special to be setup on the server?
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