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  1. Me neither so no worries. Was just to clarify for any kind of doubt in that matter. .
  2. Will let you know if its posible a Ovgme version . Dev team took that decision to be user Friendlly. That's exactly the point Sadlly for now the L61 is included in the Edm with a diferent material ( thats why you cant hide it ) Dont know if that will change in future versions or never at all but could be a good option in order to be posible for comunity members to create its own country skin. Weve been focused on bug fixing and creating a new asset for 2.9 . ( if thats the case It wont be for next version or anytime soon) We dont ask for dona
  3. Seems like to work fine for now . thanks !
  4. Perfect as always @Taz1004
  5. @upuaut do you have a fix for the farps spawn thing ( exploding on spawn since the last 1 or 2 patchs) ?
  6. Thanks !!! Thanks for the quick tip Solved!
  7. Unable to align since todays patch . 2Tracks provided . INS STUCK with selector on INS GND. https://gyazo.com/41e47d810c7676d95a71b34f2e7fc462 ins_bug.trk AV8B_INS_bug.trk
  8. positioning = f.positioning or "BYNORMAL" -- {"BYNORMAL", "ONLYHEIGTH", "BY_XZ", "ADD_HEIGTH"} Using "BY_XZ" implies giving coords ? ( if its the case how it should be the line ? ) There is any chance to give like the case of ships a coordinate pos from the center of the object for the landing zone ?
  9. @Barthekdeleting "fabric.AFBmarking.tif.dds" from "fabric.zip" is enought . They have changed the runway and taxi textures Vmapping in the last patch , thats why everything is red ( using the mod file ) . Love this caucasus mod !
  10. Gone1Crazy

    Farp Lua

    Is there any other way of mounting the farp luas Dif than this ? Any posibilities of mod the spawn point ?? since last patch on custom farps Im exploding on spawn . Thanks in advance
  11. AV8_TEST.trk Track included Massive log failure entering coordinates for a WPT. From time to time causing a crash.
  12. @upuaut Farps not working since last patch ( you explode on spawn basically ) .
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