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  1. Hello total weight of the rearm menu is not the same as the weight i see on my check-list page. What is the difference? is this a bug or am i missing something...? from the few tests i have done i always have around 1400 lbs difference also tried to engage the EMRG jettison (with master arm on) but no effect.... a bug too? thx.
  2. I have done more tests so it looks that liberation is built without satnav... so I always perform an stored heading on cv to align but in that case I have ccip problem even if my alignment is correct in nav i changed the mission with satnav for all and have done the alignment with stored heading then ifa. And alignment is good and ccip is good too so I don’t know if the bug come from the way is built libération or if it is coming from the hornet? Because as far as I understand... ccip should be available even without gps. let me know if you have further information thanks
  3. No joy for me. i am not able to have a good ccip line. auto mode is working with AGR on but ccip still crazy
  4. Ok I will give you a feedback about that
  5. Hey same problem here i play dcs liberation Caucasus 2010. no way to have a good ccip cue always veering left or right I tried ins alignment via nav and also ifa but none of those gave me a good ccip cue to strike when i use ifa mode i have an ins advsory telling me that no gps available but it is weird in 2010. so I play in nav mode without any advisory message. but dont have a good ccip. i don’t know if i am doing something or is there a bug in the game. thx for your help.
  6. Hi guys it is the same for me. before, i used to get good ccip with the f18 and now my ccip is going crazy (almost horizontal line) like if there were 150 knts of crosswind it is unpracticable some people Said it was an ins problem but for sure my ins is good to go. I have already check my ins config (with and without gps) do i need to have ground radar active on my ddi to perform ccip? i often play left and right ddi with EW page and SA page.
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