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  1. Thank you so much @Mustang the dynamic range is much better, it is a big improvement. Also I am getting nice turquoise water near the coasts of PG and it is gorgeous (for some reason it wasn't showing with the stock shaders.)
  2. Deleting the shader folder in DCS and repairing solved the issue. The HUD visibility is much better now. Thanks
  3. I have done that. I understand the day and night HUD mode are not implemented but currently at max brightness this is not enough.
  4. The current brightness and contrast of the HUD make it almost invisible against the horizon or clouds. I am using VR and cannot fly this plane due to this issue. The other modules are OK
  5. Is it still working? I personally cannot get it to track the laser
  6. Thanks for the reply, no worries, your sound mod it already great! I was just wondering if there was something I was missing in shutdown sequence of the mirage like an other device spooling down after engine shutdown but couldn't find anything.
  7. Hi @sedenion, Thank you for you sound mod it really enhance the experience! For some reason I seem two get two engine shutdown sound when I turn the engine off. I get a first shutdown sound playing then the engine spools down and gets silent for couple seconds and then I get another shutdown sound. Any idea why it is doing that? Thanks!
  8. Any news on this? It is still not working
  9. Did they model some of the big batteries Near Calais? Thinking about battery Todt in Haringzelle and battery Lindemann in Sangatte
  10. Here is a cool website to check old airfields, linked is Mardyck but you can find most of the airfields from the Normandy and channel map: https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-mardyck-1060.html
  11. Ok, thank you for your reply!
  12. Does the map comes with any ww2 assets or do you need the WW2 asset pack?
  13. I am using one of the 4 ways hat on my throttle as mouse binding (right, left click and scroll up and down). It is very convenient in VR because I can click anywhere in the cockpit by just looking at it and keeping my hand on the Hotas. My only issue is that the scroll up and down functions are single increments which makes setting the altimeter, floodlight knobs... a long process . Is there a way to click and hold scroll up so it keep incrementing? For example in the f18, to set the bingo, you can left click and hold on the bingo increment button and it keeps increasing the value.
  14. Flying around in the f16 at dusk into the night... it was pretty awesome in VR.
  15. I was looking at it in VR, seems that there is still some work to do on the 3D model. Example: The wheel bay lack some details.
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