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  1. Is anyone able to remove the visor in flight after the last patch? I can put the visor down, but pressing the button again does nothing once I am flying.
  2. Any progress on this issue? I could provide some tracks if needed, but they are quite big since it takes a while to happen on MP.
  3. What MAV search means/do?
  4. I know this thread is not about workarounds, but there is one that works perfectly. Need to use a custom curve and the first bar in the curve should be at 87%, this is the point that separates ground idle from air idle, so if you are in the ground as soon as you move a tiny little bit it will move straight from ground idle to air idle. No range loss on the throttle. For the other bar just divide 87/10 and fill the numbers for a linear response if that is your thing, ignore the rest of the curve in the picture, I kinda need a dead spot on the range so I don't waste time trying to nail MIL on my TM TWCS.
  5. If I remember correctly... The delay is because of the different position between the ground and air idle, you can see on the controls overlay that it won't go all the way back in the air. If I am not mistaken there is a mechanism that only allow moving it all the way back with weight on wheels, in the air it won't allow you move it back past a certain amount. Another problem of our physical controls not being a perfect emulation: if you bring your throttle all the way back in the air during the landing you won't engage the ground idle after touchdown, increasing runway stopping distance, you need to either go to idle after touchdown or wiggle it a little bit after touchdown so it will engage ground idle.
  6. Any news on this bug being worked on? Got the Mirage recently and this is happening every time I play the mirage, for the first 20m or so of the flight I can use the radar altimeter, after that as long as it is on my frames drops from 60 to 12 until I turn it off. And the off/on thing doesn't fix it for me, need to get a new plane for that.
  7. Same problem with the yaw SAS here, only play MP and can't really post short track since they are all huge files. Happens 100% of the time after 15m flying or so in MP.
  8. Same problem, also 24gb of ram. FPS Drops to single digit while the game is uses >20Gb of the ram while on previous patches it would stay bellow 12gb most times. I know that this phrase is used a lot as an exaggeration, but on my case the game is literally unplayable on this version, I can't get consistent fps for more than 10s before it goes back to <10 while windows keeps writing GBs to the pagefile all the time.
  9. I tried flying low to evade some SAMs this weekend twice, both times at around 30-40ft the plane is sucked to the ground, can't say if it is stronger than before, at least the effect is still there.
  10. Yesterday I couldn't hit a single JDAM, most of the time they missed by almost a kilometer or so! Release 4 in sequence on the same target, at 10k ft above, they all hit further ahead and on almost equal spacing, there is something wrong with them for sure.
  11. Can you lock on another aircraft with that? I only know about ground.
  12. I wonder if there will be a new flight model for the JDAM, and if those happens they will apply to the A-10. Compared to GBU-12s the JDAM fly a lot slower for some reason, like it has a much higher drag or something.
  13. Exact same problem, hud was OK before patch, now it is almost opaque with this green tint.
  14. I am using a small macro on Joystick Gremlin on the pinkie button on my throttle, I use it for a few macros so another one won't hurt. For those who want how to make it work: On your button of choise create two basic macros. Both will be 3 actions: - vJoy Button "x" - pressed - Pause for 0.05s - vJoy Button "x" - released The first will have a joystick condition: - activate if (the button you are using) is pressed The second will have a action condition: - activate when this (virtual) button is released Just assign the vjoy "x" button you are using on the macro in game for " throttle range". You also need this button assigned to something else, because you need to press it once on every new plane since the game start with the full range enabled. It will work exactly like the hornet after that :)
  15. Happened few days ago to me, twice on multiplayer, If it happens again I will remember to post the track here. Both times, happened when starting the right engine, both throttles were at idle, but the right engine behaved like it was in pushed into AB right after start.
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