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  1. The SF37 "Akktu Stakki" (lone wolf) ,number 48 of the F-21 wing , 1st squadron featuring the wolf head tail art repica hand painted by me. download link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/70sqfwz1a4n6igd/SF-37%20Akktu%20Stakki%20-%20F21%20by%20Wolfthrower.rar?dl=0
  2. yep same for me, shows a number of comments, in the comment count, but only one comment by me actually appears.
  3. sorry i kept you folks waiting, all skins are now updated, details in the first post. :)
  4. can delete the button half of the number with : {"F16_bl50_NOUSE_1_BORT_NUMBER_X001", 0, "f16_bl50_main_1", false}; {"F16_bl50_NOUSE_1_BORT_NUMBER_X001", 1, "f16_bl50_main_1_normal", true}; {"F16_bl50_NOUSE_1_BORT_NUMBER_X001", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC, "f16_bl50_main_1_roughmet", false}; {"F16_bl50_NOUSE_1_BORT_NUMBER_X001", DECAL, "empty", true}; {"F16_bl50_NOUSE_1_BORT_NUMBER_X001", 0, "f16_bl50_main_2", false}; {"F16_bl50_NOUSE_1_BORT_NUMBER_X001",
  5. not that i've seen, after setting the correct color workspace everything was fine
  6. i have to say that sound awesome :thumbup:, i know some people will be very happy to hear that, myself included :) how would one apply for this ?
  7. Hey , that worked , thank you ! :) that also worked right away !
  8. well according to Photoshop its "sRGB IEC61966-2.1"
  9. yeah new patch just undid this fix, single digit appears
  10. ok moved my base layers to the albedo folder of the new template took forever to save cause the file is huge, it changed my color space as soon as i moved my files there and now i dont know to what color space to change back, the template is in 16 bit while we were workin in 8. and than tried to save as dds and this is the result, colors are much darker and still cant seperate the roughness metallic layers in the lua. in short i'll be taking all the line art from the template but wont be workin on it not at least someone figures out how to work with it without it breaking the skins.
  11. hey folks, regarding the new official template. just went through it and cant figure some stuff out, 1. how are we saving roughness and metallic maps now ? is it still separate files or are the roughness, metallic and albedo all saved to one dds file ? 2. will it affect the lua file descriptions ? 3. how many of you planning on migrating their skins to the new template ? 4. do you think that by releasing the template we can consider the model of the f16 finished ? at least for the textures ? 5. since almost half a year passed since the EA release of the f16 and so many
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