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  1. I did the same as well - no reply. Sent a separate and no response either. I’m OK with buying it myself, just want an answer on the matter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi Cobra, I will be e-mailing right now as well. I am sorry to be rude in following up with this, but it's been 2 months, I haven't heard from the shirt yet, and that is a bit frustrating as I love Heatblur/the Viggen and wanted to rock some gear to support you guys and also rock one of my favorite planes on my chest. Thanks for all you guys do! Morod EDIT: Nevermind, you guys beat me to it... just saw my Gmail. You guys freaking rock hard, as always!
  3. I get what you are saying... However, I am letting you know that I had the same issues as the above poster for all versions of your program (triggers would never start) UNTIL I resaved the mission in the ME. All the time. How this relates to another potential bug is not clear to me, but I can confirm I had a 0% success rating activating your triggers on MP using your generated mission, and a 100% success rate activating triggers by using your mission AND then saving it again in the ME. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Not the campaign maker, but have you opened and re-saved the mission in the ME? I found I had issues until I did that step - then no more issues. I’ll check the new MP build over the weekend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Yeah, SP is working for me now too. Sometimes some crashes as a lot can be happening at once, but that's more on my end to sort out hahaha.
  6. Including us USA folks? If so, I will email you ASAP. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi shdwp, A bummer about the MP needing a re-design. The whole debrief.log from various clients, as tested from someone earlier, seems to indeed point there is some issue with that file if the host uses it directly. I'm certain you have a system in mind which may work, which is beyond my knowledge of how the game operates! I have a quick note: digging through your pre-generated missions, I noticed that when one the CAP flights (3 x F15C) is escorting me (1 X A10C), you are putting their Radio on Silence-On on the Waypoint Advanced Actions. For any other planes, you are putting Silence-Of
  8. Hey Hamburgler, Persistence still not working for me, which I am sad about because I'd love to give this a real whirl. What I am doing... 1) Start New Campaign 2) Buy defenses at Al Dhafra, until I get to 100 resource points left. 3) Wait 10-15 seconds 4) Quit Mission (I can see a cmd prompt like window come up, and close) 5) In the next screen, hit End Mission Then I continue the Campaign, and it looks a completely different status from the one that I left. In fact, it's just reverting to how the SP Ongoing mission you provide looks like (375/500 points at Al Dafhra, has two troo
  9. [ALL MODULES][sP/CO-OP] Liberation Dynamic Campaign Interesting! I will need to check that tomorrow and follow up. Is that the auto generated log in the Logs folder for client rather than server? In my case, I am host AND a “client” so this could have interesting implications. Then again, I am using an A-10C and not an F/A-18C and it’s my buddy who “dies” and not me? What plane is the host using, if he is a player? EDIT: Also I am asking my friend to leave before I shut the server down, if that is of consequence? Need to check that tomorrow too. Sent from my iPhone usi
  10. [ALL MODULES][sP/CO-OP] Liberation Dynamic Campaign The Hornet does NOT seem to be written into the debrief log overall, period. That is why you are losing it. We are seeing the same and I am trying to help the content creator debug/bug report, if possible. EDIT: to clarify, this is an issue with the sim... not the mod. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hey! morod from reddit here... the guy PMing with you about the MP and debrief logs. Tried the MP debriefing log I sent you in the latest release, after regenerating my campaign and conditions, and it worked flawlessly. It did report the F/A-18C my buddy was using as crashed, but I believe this is not your fault. Scanning the game debrief.log (pre- and post-mission) revealed the F/A-18C isn't being written there yet, it seems, and so it will always count as an aircraft loss even when he doesn't die. No biggy... I can use your "cheat" system to give me credits *only* to buy his plane and
  12. Hey Hamburgler, I edited my file to look like the one in the pastebin below, since I actually don't have my DCS install on my C drive either: https://pastebin.com/PTTsC9K6 As you can see, I think I changed all the references correctly. However, the persistence is still not working in SP. In MP, I am reporting the same issue... when I spawn (first load ever of MP mission), it says that Al Dafhra is not captured. Any idea what is going on?
  13. Yes, that is exactly what I have. Not working in terms of persistence for me, MP or SP. :/ See attached.
  14. Hey! Great job... a couple quick notes... For SP: I can't seem to get the persistence to work. I do see the cmd prompt window kicking on (which seems to be saving the mission progress) but reloading the mission shows the same status/resources as on first load. For MP: I fire the original mission, but never see the MP Ongoing mission. Also the mission thinks I haven't capture Al Dafhra on first spawn. Any ideas what's up? Thanks for the hard work!
  15. Hi SCU, Yep - I had the exact same issue as well, in addition to not being able to store coordinates. I was quite frustrated actually, until I said "let me try the DDI instead..."! Cheers, Morod
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