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  1. Was this new unit tested? Most interesting thing its not the damage to the target itsef. But that it blows the surrounding vehicles too, with that munition. That single twin-barrel round did more damage than a GBU, or at least same Thanks for bring this bug up
  2. +1 with that change on values. The Helicopter/Combined Arms Operations needs some love, or at least any attention. And in 2021 we are gonna get two new helicopters, maybe
  3. I just wrote that to SD exactly because i didnt want this thread to turn into this. And just like that you insult me by calling me dumb, and assume that i discard this because of that "specialdom". Whatever that insult means. I guess you prove my point in just one paragraph. I just tried to get a response on something that benefits all of us in the community, and i have zero hope that this got through as it finally didnt. Newsletters it is, says Wags. But never would have guess to get insulted or mocked by just asking politely for something Really disappointing I guess thats why
  4. Hi there! Thanks for the fast answer. It would be great to hear about all those things on newsletters, but please keep in mind that request. I just think its the best for both, users and ED, to have a specific text that covers all those things. To stay away from speculations. Think of it as a "state of the nation" if you wish. That way we know where you guys are, and where you are aiming too. And if there are things you don't know yet, its ok to just say "we don't know yet". I prefer and respect honesty above all. So please, keep in mind that request for ED consideration.
  5. Please its a formal request to ED, so don't start discussions. Like you ask on your thread when i tried to point this to ED. A newsletter its welcome, but it will not cover all the things that are rising at the moment. That are spread in different places. As i said, a statement or letter to users that cover all those would be great gesture to user base. But maybe i'm wrong
  6. As they tittle states, i think such statement would be right thing to do. In my humble opinion i think it would be great for us users to have that before 2020 ends. A statement or a letter to users regarding what ED is aiming to achieve and bring in DCS for the year 2021. Because right now after the "2021 and beyond" video, there are all shorts of speculations and discord screenshots with statements of ED CM. And post with translated answers from Kate in ED russian discord. So it would be good for both parts to have that letter to users. But maybe i'm wrong, don't know
  7. It did fix it for me, i mean updating Tacview
  8. Thx for the asnwer. Just after posting this thread i got the eureka moment. But thx anyway The issue its that is confusing on the manual. I dont know from where its the image you posted, but is not from the official NADIR manual. May i ask from where its from? Because i would say that its more clear redacted
  9. Well, i think the manual of the NADIR maybe a little confusing on the page 24. Regarding how to get out of AUX mode. I tried to get PC atention on their discord, but i havent had a response. So if you are new and you find that page confusing, you are not alone. The only issue is how the manual is written on that part. If you dont know it you read that page like they are two modes. Mode 6 and Mode 7. So you think mode 7 work in any other mode, as a way to exit. "Press 7 to disengage the auxiliary" BUT you need to be in Mode 6 and then press 7 to exit. It would be helpful if i
  10. Those controls only work for the TV mode, for IR mode you need to use the ones on the Copilot Video Stick. Maybe that is the issue
  11. May i ask, how do you un-pin a pinned page? Maybe its obvious but i dont see an un-pin button
  12. Another thing needed for stock DCS Great job, and Thx for sharing it!
  13. Yeah it is still an issue, sadly. And another that it is not even mark as REPORTED
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