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  1. ran repair and cleanup. still no fix to whats happening.
  2. well using the repair instructions in the forums my pc wont do it.
  3. no mods... unless you mean modules like aircraft. Ill try a repair, but how do you do that?
  4. update, I attempted to update my pagefile or whatever with no change
  5. I am experienceing an issue since the last beta update. I choose the server to load, it loads all the way. Instead of showing the aircraft selection screen it shows the tacmap, then the screen goes black and i have to force shut down the program. attached are my logs. DCS LOG.doc
  6. my crashes are multiplayer related. can't get into server anymore
  7. I am getting the same errors it seems. Any fix?
  8. SRS voip wont connect hey, my srs is fully updated and this didnt start happening until last night. but the VOIP will not connect no matter what I try.
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