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  1. I think the LEX Vapor looks pretty good!. But not the WING Vapor. The whole thing had to look much more (similar to running water) fluid.
  2. I like the sound from the outside, only the inside has deteriorated in my opinion. I've waited a long time for the throttle sound!. Now we have it :thumbup:. No ... but this new beeping (not ecs) in the cockpit doesn't want to please me.:noexpression:
  3. 9:32-9:38 a little bit on the wing on the left ?.
  4. Hi It seems to me that you don't understand the subject. This has nothing to do with the readability of the DDI´s. This is all about the 3D model. Greetings Falk
  5. In other games i am actually quite satisfied with the image quality because setting options. I don't know if you can compare a Blue-Ray to a game.
  6. Hi Ich habe noch genügend Festplattenspeicher (600GB). Es kommt auch keine! Fehlermeldung. Er fängt an mit den Download, und bleibt dann einfach stehen. Ich hatte noch nie zuvor solch ein Problem. Das vorherige Update (SC) hat funktioniert...:dunno: P.s, habe gerade ebend mal 40Gb (Mafia 2 definitive edition) via Steam geladen. Selbe Platte null Problemo. Gruss Falk
  7. Bei mir hängt er sich während des Downloads auf (8222.4) !. Kann die Neuste Version nicht laden..:cry: Was nun ?.
  8. I uploaded a picture which illustrates what the Jhmcs & helmet should look like !. I'm actually quite happy with the helmet. I wonder what the others say about it. I know that life is not a wish concert.. But this thread should serve to improve the product. I believe that if (ED) can design the Jhmcs module as shown in the picture, you are on the right track. Greetings Falk
  9. I noticed this myself!. I had opened a new (DCS Wishlist) thread because of such problems. I am currently the only entertainer there:D. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=265965:book: It would be the solution!. Greetings Falk
  10. Link for the newest standalone modelviewer does not work !. What now ?.
  11. Hi Have you noticed that something has changed on the helmet?. I noticed a couple of things! Unfortunately, I do not have the time to comment in detail.:( I have to keep it short. Well .. Visor, Clamps, Helmet:thumbup:. What looks untouched is the JHMCS module:(. It still looks very flat (side view). In addition, such a black thing on top of the helmet is missing. The cable at the back of the neck is also missing. The visor has become much rounder in the front view, which I really like. The brackets for locking the visor are also there. I believe that even the helmet has been changed!. However, I'm not sure since I've only seen ED's SC video on Youtube so far. When I saw the salute in the Hornet in the video I had to celebrate it. The head wobbles and off it goes:pilotfly:. Hope the Google Translator translates this understandably. I have to quit. Thanks:yes:
  12. Thanks for the feedback. What about the color of the deck lighting?. It looks more yellow in the photo! and in the video it's orange(little bit reddish). What corresponds to reality?.:book: EDIT I edited the photo with Photoshop and packed the original next to it. What do you think of that?.
  13. Pictures and Videos !. So far, none of us have been on an aircraft carrier. But do you think it's so good?. How can ED determine this?. Everyone feels it differently and this makes it hard to hit the nail on the head. In my opinion it is so :dunno: This is only an example. Yes i know camera blah blah...i will now order a ticket for the night tour of the aircraft carrier :D Cheers
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