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  1. Not sure why its delusional. It is the same as a lot of games being pushed on the schedules to avoid launching when Cyberpunk came out. But if they keep it up I'm afraid someone will get screwed. If someone has the apache and wants to run and gun the kiowa is appealing prior to getting it. After. Meh. I dont understand how you go from a q4 release last year to a q4 this year. Tells me that it was bad info given last year.
  2. Thanks for the news! Stoked for its arrival someday!
  3. Check out the afterburn podcast. There are two episodes that deal with a similar situation you may find interesting and the report that followed. Caution as it is a real world event and the pilot tragically was lost, but it captures how much things that are minor in themselves spiral.
  4. I’m just bothered by lack of transparency. Seriously, if they were ready for release the last of last year to have a date and now it is several quarters away? Doesn’t make any sense at all.
  5. I’d love to see avian skins with some less weathering.
  6. Nice. Wonder why it’s by a Arleigh Burk? Anyway, the silence does tell me how to expect to be treated if I give them my money and what support to expect.
  7. And yes, I don’t know how to use the quote boxes apparently! Lol.
  8. You’re right in that our MTOE was exactly like any armored division other than some generalist slots were open to cav scouts as well as armor and infantry MOSs. I’m referring to the older Divisional Cavalry Squadrons. I hear they have gone away but when we fielded the KW and the Longbow (I believe we were first to field both), we had I think 3 ground troops with brads and tanks, two air troops of KWs and the longbows went to 1-227 AVN which was out attack battalion. I don’t recall how many airframes each had though.
  9. How about getting a finer trim ability? This thing simply won’t trim out.
  10. To further muddy the waters can someone explain the Div Cav units from the 90s? I know in First Cav ours was 1-7 CAV and had three squadrons of ground units with Brads and tanks and if I remember right two KW squadrons. I forget the exact numbers now though, that’s been a minute folks.
  11. Thanks for the update!!! Much appreciated sir.
  12. Yeah, I am sure I’ll do longbow as well as the KW. Not a red guy but many are. Just frustrating with the anticipation.
  13. It has been awhile and I haven’t seen anything and was curious.
  14. Must not have been at all ready for the release last year. I’m afraid they are going to wait too long and people are going to buy the Apache and the Hind and not buy the Kiowa, which would really suck because I want them to have a good financial return on their investment so they will continue to develop modules and content.
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