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  1. All charges incurred when purchasing download DCS products from the DCS Store cannot be refunded or exchanged in whole or in part, regardless of the payment method. End-User License Agreement I am not sure if ED will give you a refund
  2. do sam sites switch their radars on if no ew radars are in range?
  3. you are playing in 4k? if yes then thats the problem, atleast that was the problem for me
  4. isnt that what you want if you are in a spin?
  5. i dont know if it is correct but it feels a lot better now, a lot less weird behaviour
  6. NATOPS FLIGHT MANUAL NAVY MODEL F/A-18A/B/C/D 161353 AND UP AIRCRAFT Page I-2-153 In aircraft with MC OFP 13C AND UP, MC1 does an ACI configuration check after the generator comes online during a cold start power-up. Successful completion of the check is indicated by system initiation of a ″ROLL OUT″ (for OFP 13C) or ″ROLL LEFT″ (for 15C) voice alert.
  7. today i tested a script with a friend in multiplayer. in this script the radars of sam sites are turned off until a plane gets in range. while playing he could target the turned off P-19 radars with the HARMS in TOO but not in SP and the radars were not visible on RWR. if i tried to shoot at the sam sites i couldnt target the P-19 radars even in any mode.
  8. i read somewhere that size changes the trigger distance of the proximity fuze and rcs changes the bias of the aim120 seeker to go for bigger or smaller targets once it goes pitbull
  9. Once the wings are beeing folded or are already folded the NWS is acting really weirdly OFF As normal, pushing the NWS/Undesignate switches NWS ON Normal NWS The padel switch disengages NWS as normal The NWS/Undesignate turns on NWS HI permanently, releasing the button does not switch NWS back to normal NWS HI NWS HI cant be switched back to normal NWS without completely disengaging it Using the padel switch to disengage NWS HI has a lag of a few seconds I hope the track I uploaded helps. fa18c broken nws.trk
  10. If an SA-2 Fan Song tracking radar is within ~30km range of a JTAC, the JTAC will get stuck on copy remarks. Tested with several different units as jtac and different targets but the result stays the same. jtac remark fail_sa2tr.trk
  11. i am talking about iran ingame, i know they operate shilkas in real life
  12. I managed to fix the control bindings problem by unassigning the red mappings (i unassigned eereything from them keyboard, joystick etc) then i restarted the game and reassigned everything i needed
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