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  1. Syria map has more fps with clouds than before 2.7 without them. I don't know how such amount of voxels isn't killing our gpus. Still smooth in 4k with 2080 card. As for now, they are not affecting AI line of sight yet. Players only.
  2. Thanks Flappie, seems to work for me. SU-25 crash report in some other post is therefore related to this thread, not the su-25 free flight mission.
  3. Now I think it might be not a su-25 related crash. It might be the crash of ANY second flight after running the sim. Tere is a separate thread about this somewhere else...
  4. Something different here. I get no performance hit in 4k at 2080 i9-9430. Syria seems to work even smoother than before 2.7 update. All this with clouds on High and AO (!) enabled. Noone seems to register that long awaited Ambient Oclussion is finally here. For me, it's almost as nice as clouds.
  5. As in the topic. Mint version, no mods, just reinstalled. Every Free fly mission with Su-25 crashes to desktop. Go and try to reproduce. Re-downloading Hornet now
  6. this is a known bug when using flat terrain shadows if I remember good.
  7. For these concerned: Currently as part of the initial release, clouds do not affect LOS for the AI.
  8. USA flag stripe on the pilot's left sleeve is reversed - Fixed
  9. I've dumped mirage 2000 module because of that. Razbam refunded without problems.
  10. Nope, voxels are not calculated on Cpu unless they move within themselves or you stir them (like tornado). The display of voxel is purely GPU, thanks god, and internal movement is usually faked with masking animated textures that say where cloud is transparent and where it's not. You can move a whole cloud with GPU as well. You simply don't want to stir the clouds - that's currently CPU only, but some engines start to support real time fluid animation equations on GPU.
  11. Imagine the virtual pressure that Wags and other devs currently feel. So many fans not to dissapoint...
  12. They said there will be no significant drop in fps due to the clouds. These are voxel-made and in games like flight simulator or red dead redemption a similar resolution clouds take away not more than 5 fps in ultra quality (smallest voxel) in full HD. The problem starts if you play in resolutions like 4k or VR (like I do) - then I am sure the clouds will have a big impact, since voxel resolution grows in 3 axes instead of only two (as pixels do). So in 4k screen res is 4 times more pixels, but also even more voxels in clouds due to increase in screen resolution. In 4k gaming you have "times 4
  13. I mean - are failures in f-18 already implemented? If I click Random Failures in menu, can I expect to get some cautions or engine fails during the flight in current stage of F-18 development? I don't even ask for F-16 since it is very young module.
  14. BUT: is this all required in the sim? Are BITs and failures currently recreated?
  15. Perhaps Undo-Redo function with large number of steps. And ability for unit to move in random-walk mode in designated radius. To avoid these very big numbers of waypoints even for a single soldier. Random walk in Radius of "600ft", for example. This would make infantry moving more naturally around target area, now they usually stick in place, because noone wants to draw overlapping circles with path of hundreds of waypoints.
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