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  1. Forgot to add that when using the nano directly to the pc (not RS485) the panel works perfectly! Using latest open beta and latest DCS bios version(0.10.0)
  2. Hi all!! I'm making some really good progress with my cockpit. Been able to run a full panel with no problem. Now, i added a second panel (caution lights). I'm able to extract information ok. Both panels work when connected to the same RS485 network. Problem is that lights tend to go off and on randomly, after a couple of seconds. Thought it was a power supply problem, but although sending mega's 5V through VIN and connecting the nano to the PC, it keeps doing that. I'm running 17 leds in each pinout of the nano, leaving D2 for the MAX487 chip. As i'm writing this, i quit DCS
  3. Ok, i made it work just like it is here, but on the Huey and with a full panel. I have some questions though: 1. Now that I made it work, i need to connect another nano from another panel. Where is that nano connected in that whole circuit? Goes to the master chip? the Mega? 2. Is there a relation between the blue cable in the master and in the slave? What is that for? 3. I understand I need 3 cables per slave nano: TX, RX and an extra input? D2 for example. Thanks!
  4. Awesome! Thanks for the help. Question: are you using a display module like this one? https://www.ebay.com/itm/MAX7219-8-Bit-7-Segment-Digital-Tube-Blue-Display-Control-Module-for-Arduino/192851608735?hash=item2ce6da049f:g:0BgAAOSwa2tcg20a Or did you make one from scratch? Thanks!
  5. Hi all!! I'm THIS close to finish my Huey cockpit. It runs completely on DCS Bios. The only thing that is missing are the comms displays. The idea is to give the cockpit a more modern look by using green 7 segments displays. I bought this from hispapanels https://hispapanels.com/tienda/es/leds-displays-lcd/61-soporte-5-displays.html and i'm trying to run it with a 7219, with not so much success. Tried connecting everything acording to the 7219 datasheet and load some scketchs ment to work with this setup, but it's not working at all... Any idea how can i use it? Any better ideas o
  7. I can't do that because is a specific honeywell switch. I cant turn it the other side! Thats why. How can i solve whis?
  8. Hi guys! I'm having this problem I have this ON OFF switch with only two screwed terminals. I'm using this line: DcsBios::Switch2Pos hydContSw("HYD_CONT_SW", 3); When i move the switch it works in both positions in DCS, but in the opposite positinon (ON in the switch, OFF in DCS. Switched to OFF, ON in DCS). Is there a way i can modify the code line to make it work the other way? thanks!
  9. Hey! I'm having trouble trying to run "connect serial port". it just runs and closes when double clicked. A couple of weeks ago was running ok! Any advice? Thanks!
  10. I'll play as BLUE GCI tomorrow ECV56_Largo
  11. I'm a Huey pilot You are going really deep! I'll try to answer your questions. Let's see. 1) It's possible to exceed those limitations, but in some extraordinary situations. Exhaust Gas Overtemperature Limits During starts or accelerations, the following EGT limits must not be exceeded. a. 625 to 676 C limited duration, 10 seconds b. 676 to 760 C limited duration, 5 seconds c. 760 C maximum EGT, do not exceed You need to have something wrong in your helicopter for these things to happen. Bad FCU, bad compressor. If the above mentioned co
  12. Awesome app!!! It would be interesting to have something like a highlighting tool for drawing things when briefing and after a couple of seconds goes away.
  13. 1- What is the objective? 2- how are points awarded? 3- any weapons limitations? Thanks ECV56_Largo
  14. Hi! I've been able to export lights and do all kind of weird things with switches and encoders. Now I've decided to move forward and started experimenting with LCDs. My first attempt was with the Huey UHF radio. I was partially successful since I was able to export channel preset, and the first part of the frequency This is what I have, if anyone can help me figure out what i'm putting wrong!!! THANKS A LOT!! /* Tell DCS-BIOS to use a serial connection and use interrupt-driven communication. The main program will be interrupted to prioritize processing incoming
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