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  1. When is the pre-order happening and the Early Access release?
  2. I don't remember where but It was mentioned here in the ED forum that L-370E50 is for IR missiles, are you sure it's for radar guided missiles?
  3. FLIR and RWR is what I'm after. None of these in BS3
  4. I used it a lot during night missions. It helps tremendously if used properly...
  5. Thanks for the response. After many attempts, I now get it right every time. However, I'm doing it exactly like the manual, see attached.
  6. Check this thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=274254
  7. I also brought this up on DCS Discord Server. Moreover, Shkval also has strong reflection of the flight stick and the cockpit seat.
  8. I have F18 and Super Carrier, I got bored flying the F18. Ka50 is more fun and challenging to fly... but I'm also getting bored now with the ka-50 I tried giving the AI order to launch illumination rockets but to my surprise there was no such order in the communication menu.
  9. I will give this one more shot. Last time I tried it, I didn’t notice a difference. Do I need to check rudder trimmer for it to work?
  10. Cool, copying the text here so it’s easier for others to find.
  11. I don't notice the short pause when releasing the trim button!!
  12. ah, look at this!! Q: Having trimmed the helicopter in level flight, when I press the trimmer again, why does it affect the helicopter’s pitch and speed? A: The flight control system is not perfect and accumulates errors in the angles/speed (depending on the mode) it is assigned to maintain. When you press the trimmer for the second time, the new angles/speed assignments include the errors accumulated since the previous trim setting. To avoid excessive pitch changes when trimming, trim often when airspeed has changed.
  13. The way I understood trimming: You pitch down to descend and gain speed, then level up and trim. I don't think it works like this: If you're pitching down and trimming expecting the ka-50 would stay flying like that. It would keep descending even after you trimmed. What I noticed, if I'm understanding you correctly, that even when I'm leveled and trimmed, the Ka50 would either pitch up or down.
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